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AIE Blizzcon Guild Hall 2017 Fundraiser

Hey AIE, The weekend of Friday, November 3rd and Saturday, November 4th is fast approaching, which means Blizzcon 2017 is right around the corner. For those that haven’t joined us yet, Blizzcon is basically a high-energy whirlwind extravaganza of nerdy […]


Rest in peace, Roger “Ralff” White

With tremendous sorrow, we’ve learned that we’ve lost one of this community’s greatest members: Roger “Ralff” White passed away at his home in Maryland. To a person, everyone who knew Ralff had a great friend in him. Ralff was, as […]


Blizzcon 2016: AIE Guildhall

Greetings, guildies. It’s that time again. As we storm through the calendar towards Blizzcon, it is time to start sharing the details we have for the AIE guildhall at the Hilton this year. Date/Time: The Guild Hall will be open at exactly […]


The AIE Podcast #215 – Aiepodcast-ception

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… AIE is in ALL the games A few big things happened in WOW this week Feast with your LOTRO Kin! The mysteries of Genesis Prime are no longer a mystery And we get […]


The AIE Podcast #214 – Hashtagging BlizzCon 2014

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Heirloomathon was a complete success! Can you fly a capital? It’s a loot explosion! Everything is on sale! And we have Lanctharus on to talk about this year’s Guild Hall! All that and […]