Blizzcon 2016: AIE Guildhall

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Greetings, guildies. It’s that time again. As we storm through the calendar towards Blizzcon, it is time to start sharing the details we have for the AIE guildhall at the Hilton this year.

Date/Time: The Guild Hall will be open at exactly 8:00 AM on Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th  and will be closing down when one of the persons in charge falls asleep from exhaustion (but most likely before midnight Sunday in a flurry of panicked cleaning and packing.)

Location: The Anaheim Convention Center Hilton, upstairs at the top of the escalator, then left. Look for signs.

How you can help: Either by volunteering (see Current Staff below), or by donating to our AIE Guildhall 2016 Fund Raiser(To be created).

Rules of the Hall

  • You may bring food and drink but please refrain from bringing tons of food as the hotel will get upset with  us,
  • You may bring alcoholic beverages but you must conform to California state law requirements on the consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Obnoxiously inebriated person will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back in.
  • No dangerous horseplay.
  • We can’t be responsible for your private loot.  We are all friends but we will have a lot of people coming and going into and out of the Guild Hall.  You must be responsible for the security of any property that you bring into the hall.
  • The guild hall is meant to be a safe gathering place for our fellow guildies and friends, and we plan to keep it that way. We will have a sign-in sheet, and reserve the right to confirm admittance as needed.
  • Don’t be a jerk!


Blizzcon is a frenzy of activity.  That is why we recommend that you use the guilds service to plan as many of events around Blizzcon as possible.  Twitter is invaluable when trying to find out what is going on so please use the #AIEguild hash tag to let us know what cool things are going on.


You are welcome to use the hall to record a show as long as you conform to the time schedule availability and must be confirmed by staff.  Schedule availability is first come first served.  Podcasters MUST provide their own equipment, be responsible for its security and set up and break down their own gear.   A recommended donation to the Guild Hall of $40.00 to help cover costs of the guild hall is requested.  In lieu of a donation, podcasters can also opt to work as volunteers at the Guild Hall.

Special thanks to Belthaz who donated to help make this year’s AIE Guild Hall happen.

Current staff listing: (In progress, will be updated. Speak up if you can help.)

  • Hotel Contractual Contact and Primary Hotel Liaison: Belthaz (@Belthaz_AIE)
    • The big cheese of the event.
  • Primary Guild Hall Coordinator and plugger of holes: Mewkow (@themewkow)  
    • Running between each of the leads making sure they are ok and helping to plug any holes.
  • IT and A/V Coordinator: TBD 
    • Will be largely responsible for laying out and monitoring our IT and A/V needs.  The grand keeper of the Blizzcon feed and internet gatekeeper.
  • Lead Volunteer Coordinator: TBD 
    • We will be needing lots of volunteers to help run the event.  Please contact us to sign up.
  • Info Desk Coordinator: TBD 
    • Keeper of general information. The one with the answers, or knows who to ask.
  • Social Media Coordinator: TBD
    • Controller of Twitter and event updates.
  • Decorator Committee: TBD
    • They make everything pretty.
  • Guild Hall Set up and Breakdown:  We will need YOUR help here!
  • Kidspace Coordinator: TBD
    • Yay! Kid game and videos.

Special Thanks:

We’ll be tracking those that help below.