The AIE Podcast #215 – Aiepodcast-ception

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • AIE is in ALL the games
  • A few big things happened in WOW this week
  • Feast with your LOTRO Kin!
  • The mysteries of Genesis Prime are no longer a mystery
  • And we get to guest on our own podcast

All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE General

First up, we want to give a shout-out to Mefe, who has published an album of Christmas music. There are five Christmas carols, each recorded in a different style using different instruments, and sung by some very talented kids. The album is called Light of Life, and you can find it on iTunes and Bandcamp. (Zod: I gave them a listen this afternoon, and they’re very good.)

If you’re a PlayStation 4 player, Syn started a thread in the community forums for everyone to post their PSN handle. Quite a few people have posted theirs, so jump in there and start gaming with AIE on your PS4

We are halfway through NaNoWriMo, the yearly challenge to write a 50-thousand–word novel in 30 days, and a number of AIE members are plugging right along on their books. If you’re taking the NaNoWriMo challenge, let us know, and if you finish your novel and want to offer it up for AIE members to read, send us a link!

Of course WoW is the big news this week, but they’re not the only game out there. There are hundreds of games, from big MMOs to Facebook games, to little mini mobile games, and AIE plays them all. To find people playing your favorite game, check out the Minor League Games subforum in the Community section of the forums.

AIE members are also all around the world, and the next best thing to playing games with AIE, is hanging out in real life. AIE has a page at where you, yes you, can arrange your own meetups with other AIE members. Whether it’s playing some board games, or grabbing a meal and a movie, or getting together at a major convention, is our real life Looking For Group!

AIE World of Warcraft

Major kudos to Thuggs the AIE hunter for taming Gara. Gara is a cool-looking spirit wolf that came out with Warlords of Draenor, and taming it is a lot more involved than just tossing it a few scooby snacks. There’s an epic quest line that takes you all over Draenor. It’s probably the most involved hunter beast taming in the game. So again, way to go Thuggs,

Thanks to Heirbuch for posting this reminder – Blizzard has stopped characters from earning rested experience until you log into them at least once, so if you have some lvl 90s parked someplace waiting their turn to go into the Dark Portal, be sure to log in on them at least once.

If you’re a little confused about Garrisons, and especially which remote outposts to choose, AIE member Miy posted a link to a “How to choose garrison outposts for leveling” guide. that walks you through all the choices for remote outposts and suggests which one you might want to pick, if your focus is on leveling.

And finally, if you didn’t know, Blizzard has removed the feature that awarded gold to guild banks when members are out questing and looting mobs. Because of this, we have no new gold flowing into our guild banks. We’ve always allowed our guild banks to be used to cover a certain amount of member’s repair bills each day, but with the increased expenses from everyone leveling, and with no gold coming in, we’ve decided to decrease the limit you can use for repairs each day, to try to make the gold stretch a little longer before it’s all gone.

AIE The Old Republic

Up for Ask a Star Wars guildie is our very own head honcho of SWTOR, Max! Find out just how many games this very busy guy plays, when he finds time to sleep and just what kind of pizza he thinks is the best! Plus, there is plenty time to ask your own question. Also, they are looking for new Blood- Victims- Ummmm, sign ups for this always fun thread on the forums.

AIE Lord of the Rings Online

AIE in LOTRO is planning a Thanksgiving feast, right now they are looking at the weekend before Thanksgiving, so take a look on the forums for the final day/time and head over to the Kinhouse for some fine food and partying.

Update 15, Gondor Aflame, dropped in early November, and included a new race/class, the Beorning, which lets you channel aspects of the bear as you fight alongside your allies: the strength of the Hide, the ferocity of the Claw, or the inspiration of the Roar. Build your wrath and decimate your foes with the new Beorning Class!

AIE Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy has just announced that you can change your character name for $10.00. So, if you have decided that Dravic the Destroyer is no longer your cup of tea, you can get that name changed post haste!

AIE Wildstar

The long-awaited content drop 3 hit Wildstar on Tuesday, November 11th, including
a huge new level 50 zone, a new 20-man public event, the conclusion to the Drusera story line, that culminates in the most pivotal reveal in the history of world stories!
Scale the Lightspire! Blind the Black Focus! Rekill a pesky Phagelord! And loot stuff! And, evidently, you can get a new hat!


— We talk about our thoughts on BlizzCon, AIE Guild Hall and Warlords of Draenor —



Kudos to Mewkow for this week’s show title!