AIE WoW – The Haunt for Uuna (Event)

Travel across Azeroth and beyond to reunite a little ghost with her favorite toy, wand and flower crown while fighting off super creepy evil…. things! Meet Gustytail at Krasus’ Landing in Legion Dalaran at 8pm Server on Friday, October 25th! […]


WoW Classic – AIE Craft Faire

  All the information you need to know about what it is, why we’re doing, and how it works is now available on the WoW Classic – AIE Craft Faire Page Join us for lots of fun and profession leveling!


The AIE Podcast #330 – Music so bad it hurts

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: That’s a lot of show notes … Mkallah: Your destiny awaits Tetsemi: Its a classic craft faire Mewkow: The dragon rises Mkallah: And we have Abovan and Durus who are here to […]


The AIE Podcast #329 – Crafting a Classic Craft Faire

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: Venture into Shadowkeep with the Nomads Tetsemi: Brewfest awaits! Mkallah: PTS coming soon- no, really, we mean it! Mewkow: Life in Hydaelyn is savage Tetsemi: And we’re talking about AIE in WoW […]


Nomads Simply Walking Into Mordor On Saturday

As of now, Nomads is mostly a catch all Discord channel for discussion of “other” games we are playing. However, it started as an actual game team that would jump to a new game every week or two. We are […]


AIE Guild Photo in WoW Classic (Sept 15th 3pm EDT)

  Join us this Sunday, September 15th at 3pm Eastern (server) for an AIE Guild Photo in WoW Classic!‬ ‪Meet in the Undercity courtyard and in AIE Discord voice chat. Summons will be available. We have prizes too!‬ ‪Wearing a […]


The AIE Podcast #328 – Fly Romulan!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mkallah: Guildie Grams! Get your Guildie Grams here! Tetsemi: the FFXIV raid team is extreme! Mewkow: The Imperial City Celebration is FREEEE Mkallah: October is for Onslaught! Tetsemi: and, we have Dent to […]


The AIE Podcast #327 – MMOS Should steal more

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: Everything old is new, I mean Classic again Tetsemi: Star Wars Cantina is in New York and we’re meeting up! Mewkow: Moonfaire is ending, but anniversary activities are just starting Tetsemi: Want […]

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