Summer of Love 2018

August is fast approaching and for our AIE Community that means it’s time for Summer of Love.  For those that are new to our community, Summer of Love is a week of fun filled events across all of AIE’s game […]


The AIE Podcast #301 – Last minute upgrading, crazy leveling, Summer of Love, and war stories galore!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: the Summer is filled with Love for AIE Mkallah: Everything you know is about to change… again Tetsemi: Need some Mandatory Fun, we have you covered most nights of the week Mewkow: […]


WoW Pre-patch Incoming So Get Back In Game!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! With the WoW 8.0 pre-patch dropping on Tuesday July 17th, we’d like to remind folks how to get characters into the guild if they’ve been removed for inactivity or for those with new […]


Antorus Tours for Noob Raiders

As Dankinia departs on an extra long, super secret mission trip assigned to her from the Council of Six, she leaves behind a very large stack of addressed letters with her friend Katy Stampwhistle.  Each one of her fellow Saturday […]


The AIE Podcast #300 – Inside AIE Show-Not-Found Baseball

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: The community has been very very busy! Tetsemi: Summer of Love is just around the corner Ghomus: We have fun, and boy, is it mandatory Lanctharus: Get ready for Heaven – on […]


The AIE Podcast #299 – Making it Rain in FFXIV

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Tetsemi: Stay awhile and listen to Sy’s Fireside chat Mkallah: And, stick around for Midsummer fire festival Mewkow: We have Mandatory fun nights for almost every night of the week Tetsemi: And, updates […]


AIE Community News

Hey AIE! This update letter is designed to give the greater community some insight into what’s happening across our game divisions as well as shine a light on some of the awesome guild news that may be of interest. The […]


The AIE Podcast #298 – Moral Relativism and Narrative in EVE

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mkallah: The AIE community is doing ALL the things Mewkow: Open up your warmind Tetsemi: Imp congratulations are in order Mkallah: Final Fantasy patch 4.3 is finally dropping Mewkow: And, we have the […]

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