SWTOR Guild Heraldry

With game update 5.10.2 Bioware introduced the guild heraldry system. This allows guilds like ours to create a guild logo and banner from a set of in game logo and background options. We’ve done some initial work mocking up some […]


The AIE Podcast #318 – SWC & SWTOR: We Found the Droids

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: So many streams! Tetsemi: We upped the WQ gear score, so up yours! Mewkow: Final Fantasy XIV or XV, I’m so confused Tetsemi: You get a tier 6 ship and you get […]


AIE At Star Wars Celebration

This week is the thirteenth Star Wars Celebration. This year it’s at Chicago’s McCormick Place conference center. There’s a couple fun opportunities for the handful of AIE members who will be in town to meet up: The Old Republic Community […]


The AIE Podcast #317 – FFXIV The TP is going away

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: the AIE DIvision is Strong Tetsemi: AIE and Celebration are coming to Chicago Mkallah: The cake is… not a lie? Mewkow: We have an update from the Warfront Tetsemi: and Abovan is […]


The AIE Podcast #316 – Molten Core has frozen over

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Tetsemi: We’re dividing, no that’s heading into The Division 2 Mewkow: Well if we’re not dividing, then we’re multiplying WoW Guilds Tetsemi: Celebrating Star Wars, it’s the Chicago Way Mewkow: Speaking of celebrations, […]


AIE WoW Alliance Guild!

Hello AIE! No, it is not April 1st! For several years, AIE community members have been asking us if we have an Alliance guild in WoW. The evolution of WoW and gaming in general has made it more interesting than […]


The AIE Podcast #315 – Sema Predicts the Future of SWTOR: It’s Turtles All The Way Down

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mkallah: We have your community updates Mewkow: Noob is on FIRE! Tetsemi: Our free company is prime company Mkallah: Reasonable Reasons are redacted Mewkow: And, we have Sema and Max who are here […]


The AIE Podcast #314 – Eee Ess Oh, I Fell Off A Cliff

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: Anthem is the new hotness Mkallah: SWTOR is Swarming the Hive of the Mountain Queen Mewkow: Become a warrior of the Light, or maybe darkness? Mkallah: Congratu-condolences to Huck in EVE Mewkow: […]

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