Looking for a WoW Officer?

Hey everyone!  It’s your favorite cat herder here with an important update for all you World of Warcraft players!  As most of you know, once your application is approved in Umami (or you’re a returning member), you need to /join […]


The AIE Podcast #303 – The worlds, they are a changing

  On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Tetsemi: Welcome to Dent and MarcusB our newest AIE Officers Mewkow: Shall we kill all humans? Tetsemi: Say goodbye to Legion and hello to BfA Mewkow: Have you been to the Festival […]


SWTOR – State of the Galaxy

The SWTOR Officer team and broader AIE Officer Community has been doing work behind the scenes in a number of areas. We’ve had a few working sessions recently that everyone will get to hear more about over the next few […]


AIE COOP Summary

Thanks to the more than 60 members of the guild who came out for the COOP run last week. Following the commands of the Dark Lady Sylvanas, the group made the rounds bringing war to the Alliance, as is COOP […]


Let’s Launch BfA With A Bang!

You receive a parchment letter, stamped with a guild seal.  Wondering what could possibly be going on now, after all the traveling done over the past week, you open the letter to find the following: You are most cordially invited […]


Summer of Love 2018 Wrap-Up

For one last time that week, Max traversed another multiverse boundary, projecting himself through the space between the smallest building blocks of the many realities he and his guild roamed. Shift completed, he glanced at his travel log. In this […]


Remembrance Day 2018

Sincere thanks to everyone that participated in our annual Remembrance Day last night. For those not familiar, each year, the AIE community gathers online to remember those we have lost. We celebrate them and the current friends and family that […]


The AIE Podcast #302 – It’s getting toasty with the summer of love! (Bring your marshmallows)

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mkallah: War of the Thorns gets a little prickly! Tetsemi: Midyear Mayhem is massive! Mewkow: Discover STO Discovery Mkallah: Are you ready to compete in Queen’s Gauntlet and Festival of the Four Winds? […]

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