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Rest in peace, Roger “Ralff” White

With tremendous sorrow, we’ve learned that we’ve lost one of this community’s greatest members: Roger “Ralff” White passed away at his home in Maryland. To a person, everyone who knew Ralff had a great friend in him. Ralff was, as […]


You, Your Passwords, and You.

This week, the Guild Wars 2 twitter (@GuildWars2) account was reminding users to make strong passwords, and the topic of the XKCD password approach came up.  The main point of the XKCD comic is that we have made passwords hard […]


The AIE Wiki is now using UMAMI logins and passwords

We have extended the UMAMI single sign-on (SSO) system to the AIE Wiki.  Aside from the obvious benefit of no longer having to send a PM or e-mail message to get access, this allows us much better control over the […]


Change Your GW2 Password

We’ve had a few verified instances of guild members having their GW2 accounts compromised and NCSoft has noted a trend. First, about a third of players haven’t verified their email address yet. We can’t require email authentication for players with […]