WoW Classic

AIE for WoW Classic is live. Feel free to jump in the game and come find us on the US Pagle server on the Horde side. Using a /join aielfo” will get you into the “Looking for Officer” channel and we can invite you from there. No application or other registration is needed for Classic.

If you aren’t already, please join the AIE Discord and keep an eye on the #wow-classic chat and voice channels. We’ll be using Discord as a main communication channel for guild questions, getting fun groups together, talking about the game, and planning upcoming events.

WoW Classic AIEMounts Loan Program! – Have you hit 40 and still need some extra gold to get that mount early? AIE has set up a mount loan program to make that happen. Check out this page for details and message Lars Gagner in Discord.

AIE chose Pagle in coordination with a number of other friendly guilds on both the Horde and Alliance sides. Feel free to join the in-game UFGComm (United Federation of Guilds Community) for cross guild communication (outside of AIE). The Discord channel has a link to a cross-guild Discord server as well.