The AIE Podcast #214 – Hashtagging BlizzCon 2014

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • Heirloomathon was a complete success!
  • Can you fly a capital?
  • It’s a loot explosion!
  • Everything is on sale!
  • And we have Lanctharus on to talk about this year’s Guild Hall!

All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE: General
Here’s something of interest to the general AIE community. November 1st saw the launch of NaNoWriMo, the yearly challenge to write a 50-thousand word novel in 30 days. AIE being the community that we are, we have a number of people taking the challenge. If you’re one of them, or you just want to cheer the others on, Vanflick has started a thread in the Community Discussion section of the forums.

Do you play Hearthstone? If so, after the show, head over to us.battlenet/hearthstone-The Hearthstone World Championship is going on right now!

AIE: World of Warcraft
Of course we’re going to talk a whole lot more about BlizzCon with Lanc in a few minutes, but for those of you attending the conference, see Udella’s post in the Community section of the forums to find out who else is going, and arrange any impromptu meetups.

We want to give a huge shoutout and congrats to Thuggs and his knights for helping get 119 heirlooms for AIE members at yesterday’s Heirloomathon. 119! That is an amazing accomplishment. Those guys are all kinds of awesome. Now if you weren’t able to attend and still need an heirloom, you’re in luck, Tishtaroni has taken up the mantle and is arrange more heirloom runs. Signups are in the forums, of course.

AIE: Eve Online
Here’s what’s going on with those plucky spreadsheeters in space: Hoots informs us that they are winding down their vacation in Nakah, preparing for changes coming up in the Pheobe release, which is in two days, and they are looking for capital pilots for their newly formed Capital Supremacy Brigade. If war and wormholes sounds like your idea of fun, give Hoots a shout

AIE: The Secret World
RattoZatto is holding a General Progression Night event tomorrow, November 3rd. Ratto is promising a “loot explosion”. There’s no level requirement, just show up and get some free Halloween loot. And if you don’t play The Secret World, it is a pay-once play-forever kind of game, and Steam has it on sale right now for $10 – but only until tomorrow, November 3rd. Depending on when you hear this, it might be too late, but we wanted to try to get the word out anyway. If you missed the sale, you might want to flag it on Steam so you’ll get notified the next time.

AIE: Star Trek Online
Speaking of great sales, Capt Hunter has announced that ARC is holding a Lifetime Subscription Sale for Star Trek Online. They’ve even dropped the price $100 from the last time they offered the sale. From now until November 20th, you can pick up a lifetime Gold subscription to STO for $199. That’s just over a year’s worth of monthly fees, and you get the game, and all the great Gold benefits, for life. Imagine if Blizzard had done that with World of Warcraft ten years ago…

AIE: Podcast Changes
AIE may have started as a World of Warcraft guild, but we’ve grown into a community of gamers playing every kind of game, from large MMOs down to fly-by-night mobile games. But AIE members are not just gamers, we’re geeks, and we’re into all sorts of geek pop culture, including television shows, movies, books, board games, toys, you-name-it. We’d like this podcast to be not only about what AIE is doing, but to also include all these other topics AIE members are interested in. Over the next few months you’re going to see the podcast start to grow. We’re still going to cover AIE games, but we’re going to include more topics and have different kinds of guests on. To do that, we need your help. We are actively looking for topics, guests, and continuous news updates about anything the community may be interested in. Please send whatever crosses your mind in to the show at

AIE Guild Hall with Lanctharus

OMG! It’s time once again The guild hall is only days away.

So before we get started here is the vital information.

Anaheim Hilton
777 Convention Center Way

San Simeon AB room on the fourth floor

The AIE Groupme is now active and we already have a lively discussion about sushi restaurants & food swaps among other things.

Let us know if you are coming via the guild’s website.

Now what can you expect.

Arrival and ticket pickup
be irresponsible or procrastinate. It totally pays

Cell service is poor so 4G and LTE service is hosed.

Paying for the hotel internet is expensive

Bring comfy shoes & a light sweaterHey

We will be streaming the HD stream for all our Guild hall guests
Light refreshment and goodies provided by your guildies will be available

Podcast recording very likely on Sunday

AIE take over of the #BlizzconTips hashtag

Just announced, there is going to be a HUGE World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary party on Friday night

And the big super secret project that I was involved in over the Summer. World of Warcraft: Looking for Group documentary will soon be released. Why is this important? I’m in it!

AIE Member Segments

  • Much Lesser Known Shas
  • Overly Dramatic News
  • Ask Mrs Mulgra
  • This Week In AIEU


Kudos to cybyl for this week’s show title