Summer of Love 2018

August is fast approaching and for our AIE Community that means it’s time for Summer of Love.  For those that are new to our community, Summer of Love is a week of fun filled events across all of AIE’s game […]


Rest in peace, Roger “Ralff” White

With tremendous sorrow, we’ve learned that we’ve lost one of this community’s greatest members: Roger “Ralff” White passed away at his home in Maryland. To a person, everyone who knew Ralff had a great friend in him. Ralff was, as […]


AIE Podcast Ep 201 – The Wrath of Mkaaallaaahn!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Alludra: It’s the Summer of Love! Mkallah:It’s my first episode! Zod: Get to the choppah Alludra: The cupcakes are rising! Mkallah: And we have RattoZatto here to talk about AIE in Star Trek […]

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