Join AIE

Heads up: We have moved away from using UMAMI for character applications. Discord is a great primary tool for asking for invites. Just jump in the #LFO channel or the specific game channel and ask for an officer and let them know the character name, game, and faction. Adding “@officer” will alert them faster. Welcome!

WoW In-Game Application System Instructions: In addition to Discord, you can also apply in game for WoW Retail Horde or Alliance. The new in-game guild application system has at least one co-guild available on each side and the officers check the applications regularly. The in-game system has the added benefit of allowing invites even when you are offline. Be sure to check the application again once approved to complete the invite and feel free to ask in Discord #LFO for approvals as well. Finally, you can also join the AIELFO Blizzard “Community” and check for officer help there.