Join AIE

Heads up: There is currently a systemic issue impacting emails to and from AIE official addresses causing some emails to be blocked or not sent. If you are creating an account and aren't getting the activation email, please ask in the LFO channel in guild Discord ( and we'll see what we can do to get you set up manually. Thanks!

AIE in WoW and GW2 use UMAMI, which stands for Universal Multigame AIE Membership Interface for character applications. While UMAMI in the past allowed us to keep track of members and characters across multiple games, guild management in most games has allowed to no longer need an application tool. WoW is still a challenge with our many co-guilds so a quick app in the system allows us to best get invites coordinated and guild member lists up to date. GW2 can make use of UMAMI to get your account added even when you are offline. Get your character added for WoW or GW2 here. For WoW, once approved, join the AIELFO Blizzard Community and the officers there will get you invited in game.

When you join UMAMI you will create a login that will be used when accessing multiple sign in locations so make sure that it's appropriate. Welcome!

For non-WoW/GW2 games, simply jump into Discord and find either the game division channel for question and discussion and any specific join details (EVE is a bit more complicated for example) or jump in the #LFO (looking for officer) channel and ask for an invite there.

See you in Discord and in game!