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10 days left for Ventrilo

We’d like to remind all of our members that the Ventrilo server will be taken offline on September 1st.  Please make sure you can access the new Mumble server before that happens.  If you are a member of an active […]


Our New Mumble Server

Alea Iacta Est is now in the process of moving its voice chat from Ventrilo to Mumble. Murmur (the server component of Mumble) is open source software. As such it allows us to customize and secure the service in ways […]


AIEU Org Chart Shuffle

In an effort to to streamline and better focus and organize the various corporate activities that AIEU is currently involved in, we have decided that a little corporate re-organization was required to better define the various roles of the corporate officers and allow […]


GreenWall update for 5.4.7

The recent update for World of Warcraft, version 5.4.7, introduced a small change that causes older versions of the GreenWall add-on to break.  Please update your copy of GreenWall to v1.3.6 to ensure that your messages can be seen by […]


A Brave New Home for AIEU

As of 00:07 UTC, Alea Iacta Est Universal, AIE’s EVE Online corporation,  is a member of the Brave Collective alliance (BRAVE).  This is a significant change for AIEU.  We’ve left our quiet seniority in TEST for an alliance that we […]


Passing the Hat

Since AIE first set up a member database and a wiki in 2007, the expenses of the guild have been paid out-of-pocket by the officers. As we continue to expand the AIE footprint and bridge the gaps between game universes, […]


GreenWall has moved to GitHub

The distribution, version control, and issue tracking for the GreenWall add-on have been moved to GitHub.  This is part of a larger effort and all of the AIE-maintained software is being moved over, too.  This will make it easier for […]


AIE Podcast Ep 133 — The AIE Podcast, now with Sith Cookies!

  Emperor Pelpatine stopped by to talk to us about AIE in SW:TOR!