GreenWall has moved to GitHub

OctocatThe distribution, version control, and issue tracking for the GreenWall add-on have been moved to GitHub.  This is part of a larger effort and all of the AIE-maintained software is being moved over, too.  This will make it easier for us to allow volunteers from the community to participate in the development while maintaining control over the stability of the software.

We will be moving all bug and feature tracking over to GitHub, too.  The only functions that will remain on the AIE support site will be actual support issues (name changes, password resets, etc.).  If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, please visit the GreenWall issues page.

You can either download GreenWall from GitHub or through Curse.  It will also be available in WoWMatrix, but we have little control over how the WoWMatrix distribution is managed.

For the technical folks, the move was prompted by a desire to convert our Subversion repositories to Git.  The Git model gives us a bit more flexibility with how we handle branching, and a system like GitHub allows contributors to fork like mad while still giving us a comfortable amount of control over the development train without too much administrative hassle.  Since GitHub has a lightweight issue tracker built in, we decided to move the bug and feature tracking over at the same time.

We hope that using a more “social” version control system will help us encourage guild members to volunteer their time and skills to help us improve our infrastructure.  If you would like to establish a new project under the AIE-Guild organization, one which you think has broad appeal to a game guild or the entire community and which you’d like to open for collaboration, please send a message to Stigg.