Author: Stigg


The Roger “Ralff” White Memorial Guild Hall

From Disturbed0Angel: Howdy AIE folks. AIE is looking to unlock our Guild Hall in Guild Wars 2. With the recent passing of Ralff in the guild, it was determined that in GW2 we would dedicate the hall to him as […]


Nomads Minecraft modpack has been updated

We’ve released an update to the AIE Nomads modpack for Minecraft this week, version 1.2.7.  It’s a minor update, but there are two interesting changes. Java 8 is now a requirement. Harvestcraft water crops that couldn’t be grown (like rice) […]


The 2016 fund-raising drive has started

It’s been over a year since we’ve passed around the hat. This year we are working on offering new services, including a community chat site and community forums. We’re also refreshing the UMAMI site to make it more community focused, […]


Nomads Minecraft Server Reset

With the release of version 1.2 of the AIE Nomads Modpack, we will be resetting the world on our private server.  We’d like to start anew and build a new set of digs from the ground up. The reset will […]


The Nomads’ Minecraft server has moved

We’ve moved to a new host for the community Minecraft server.  The new arrangement allows us to get better performance at a much lower cost. Until we can get the DNS configuration completed, please use the IP address and port […]


Nomads Minecraft modpack updated

The Minecraft modpack that the AIE Nomads maintain and use on the community server has been updated to version 1.0.4.  The modpack was featured in Curse’s ModPack Spotlight in June, and most of the changes are problem fixes and mod […]


A new IRC server

We will be moving to a new Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server for the live recording chat room.  The new server was set up to support not only the podcast, but game divisions of AIE which need some open-access chat […]


Changes to the MeetUp group

Those members who have joined the AIE MeetUp group may have been wondering what the recent messages about there being no organizer meant.  We had originally decided to close down the group since the usage didn’t appear to justify the […]