A Brave New Home for AIEU

Brave Newbies

As of 00:07 UTC, Alea Iacta Est Universal, AIE’s EVE Online corporation,  is a member of the Brave Collective alliance (BRAVE).  This is a significant change for AIEU.  We’ve left our quiet seniority in TEST for an alliance that we feel is more compatible with the AIE culture and shares our priorities to a greater degree than the other alliances in New Eden.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Brave Collective, a good introduction is CCP’s Community Spotlight article on the Brave Newbies (the corporation at the heart of the alliance) or the Reddit post which serves as their effective code of conduct.

They are an alliance that is still building their infrastructure and still deciding their direction.  But what appeals to us is that they are certain about the things which we think an alliance should be certain about and uncertain in areas where it makes things interesting.  More importantly, we feel that there is a lot that we can contribute to this alliance.