AIEU Org Chart Shuffle

In an effort to to streamline and better focus and organize the various corporate activities that AIEU is currently involved in, we have decided that a little corporate re-organization was required to better define the various roles of the corporate officers and allow the various divisions to better define themselves.

Effective immediately the following officers will be in charge of the following corporate divisions, reporting to CEO Stigg Cooperii:

  • Diplomacy, HR, Communications: Drewson Houten
  • Military: Lantharus Onzo
  • Logistics: StupidGenius Charante
  • Manufacturing & Industry: Kuda Timberline
  • Recon & Intel: Orsalis Cain

In addition these division heads may have further information regarding their planned activities and projects in separate threads in the future.

Title changes have already been applied in-game to the relevant officers, and the corp bulletins and description will be updated in short order. Pilots interested in assisting in a division should contact that division lead, or any of the other officers. As always, any concerns can be brought up to any officer regardless of subject matter or sent to

Thank you, and fly dangerously.

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