AIE Podcast Ep 133 — The AIE Podcast, now with Sith Cookies!


Emperor Pelpatine stopped by to talk to us about AIE in SW:TOR!

Meetups this weekend! The So Cal mid winter meetup is happening this saturday at 2pm at lucky baldwins in pasadena! Not to be outdone the folks over in arizona are having a meetup at Amazing Jake’s over in Mesa at 6pm! If you aren’t in these areas though don’t despair! Setting up your own AIE meetup is easy and can be done on the website and on the forums.

AIE Podcast segment submissions! We are always looking for great member segments, and It’s occured to us that we may not always be the easiest to find. Well rest assured you can send your segments to our email, we ask that you keep them around the 90 second mark and that they be an actual segment (not just a plug for your show).

For AIE Book of Heroes players, a few quick updates! The “Great Culling” is coming, and we’re going to be removing players who have not been active in 2 weeks or longer. This will be the cut off from this point forward. If you decide the game isn’t for you, it’d would be great if you could leave the guild before uninstalling the game. Also, there is a NEW section of the forums which right now, is only for us, because we’re the only ‘minor league‘ game AIE is a part of!  Just a few posts there, but make sure and take a look at the guidelines at the top of the section for posting info.

Planning is underway for the great AIE anniversary! If you have an idea for an event, or want to help take part, let us know on the forums! Remember, you don’t have to be an officer to create an event (Though we do have rules about what is and is not allowed) if you have  any questions please send us emails or ask on the forums.

Remember the world of warcraft movie? We didn’t! But apparently it’s back on track and will start filming later this year! There are few details out about the movie, which is planned on being released in 2015.

Are you a musician? Ever dream about having your music in a video game? Have we got the contest for you! Funcom is holding a contest now through February 19th for all musicians out there to get their music in the secret world! Rules and details are on their website, so go check them out!

A mandatory password change is coming to guild wars 2. If you chose your guild wars 2 password before September 12, 2012 Guild wars 2 has plans to roll out a required password change on February 2nd. This is part of a big security push from the guild wars team to ensure everyone has the safest possible passwords.

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guest Pelell

In December, we celebrated our first full year as a guild in SWTOR. We had A Where in the Galaxy is an Officer Hunt and gave away multiple items to everyone who was in attendance, including mounts, pets, game unlocks, lightsaber color crystals, and specialized emotes. Most of these prizes were items that are found in the Cartel Packs. I personally went a little crazy buying some, in the hopes of getting a Sith Throne. (I didn’t get one through the packs, but Max was able to procure one for me on the condition I didn’t ask how he got it.) To mark the year, I created a yearbook via Photobucket that people are welcome to view, or add their own photos. Anyone wishing to do so should contact me through the EL forums. Here is a link to the page so far.

And speaking of celebrations, as mentioned earlier, AIE will be celebrating our 6th birthday in the next couple weeks. I know there are going to be plans across all games, and with a couple of our games under the AIE umbrella being F2P, guildies should take this time to give a different game a whirl for a bit. I know I will be popping my head in TSW’s event and am looking forward to LotRO’s event as well. SWTOR’s event is planned for Monday, February 11th at 9:00 p.m. EDT We are doing a bit of PVP in game and hosting a trivia game in vent. There will be prizes for the winner(s) of the trivia contest. We are still working on the details for the PVP, so look for a thread on the forums in the very near future.

In relation to guild and Ops news, the Imperial Side seems to be more populated as per the norm, with 3 fully functional Ops teams in the forms of Regulators of Force Logistics or RoFL, Sith with Unlimited Power or SUP, and What Other Ops Team also know as WOOT. There still is just the one Republic Ops team Lords of Light or LoL, the “nice” version of RoFL. Some of us are getting so proficient in our Ops that we are bringing in our alts to gear them up. There is a thread in the forums for a 16 man fun run being discussed to take place in the very near future. Check it out if you are interested in going.

I’d also like to bring to everyone’s attention that there is a thread in the SWTOR Section of the EL forums called Ask a SWTOR Officer. I admittedly lifted the idea from Mathanugg when he came up with it for WoW and thought it to be a good tool for our game as well. With the increasing number of Officers growing across all games, I think it’s a good idea to get to know the individual Officers that are both new and old. I kicked it off this month, with my questions ending today. Tomorrow, the month of Machia begins. Please be gentle. I hear he likes to be cuddled.

There is also the first digital expansion that is coming out in Spring 2013 called Rise of the Hutt Cartel for 19.99. If you are a subscriber, you get it for 9.99. Preorders of the expansion also get a title, a pet, and a holostatue, as well as 5 days early access if you ordered before the 7th of January. It will raise the level cap to 55, introduce a new planet called Makeb, and continue your individual storyline.

Finally, just a couple quick notes. We are actively purging toons that have not logged in in over 90 days. We are doing this to also consolidate the Imperial guilds into one, so if you would like to help out and are in Alea Iacta Est Ira, feel free to drop guild and ask an Officer for an invite to Timor. Also, thanks to Stigg and the wonderful magic he has done with UMAMI, the SWTOR Officer Corp would like to remind everyone that applications for SWTOR are currently open all month long. With AIE’s anniversary right around the corner, now is the perfect time to come and say hi! So, roll a Jedi or Sith and come check us out in a galaxy far, far away.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Pelell for joining us, and our chat room for adding some great commentary! Next week we’ll be talking to the members of AIE the secret world!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…
Mod Minute
Ask Miss Mulgra
Hailing Frequencies
AIE Raid Wrapup

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