AIE Podcast Ep 131 — The Book of Heroic Dills

We’ve got Jabber! We’ve got Wiki! And we’ve got DILLS! All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…

We’ve got a great show today, with special guest Dills standing by to talk to us about Book of Heroes but first, the news…


We now have a real life Greenwall! That’s right we have finally got a Jabber service running as discussed at N12! So what’s Jabber? Well Abovan put it best “A chat and IM service, where we own the server. It’s neat because it supports a lot of clients, on just about any platform you can think of. PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, you name it.” Just load up Jabber in your favorite chat client (Trillian, pidgin, more examples here!) and use your UMAMI password to log in! It’s fast, it’s friendly and it’s aie!

Ever want to contribute to the AIE wiki? Yes! We have a wiki! And we want you to add information about your character or raid team! Thankfully now the wiki is using UMAMI log ins and passwords, which means you already have an account! Head on over and update your info, show off your raid team, or that other group that you have going on!

Who is heading to PAX East? If the answer is you, then you might want to check out AIE meetups happening during the convention! It’s still a little ways off in March, and 3 day passes ARE already sold out, but this is one of the great gamer cons out there. Check the thread to see who might be going! You can also RSVP on the site!

Our leader tiger Henry put this up on the forums, but it appears that GW2 Free Transfers are coming to an end! Also, there will soon be a ‘guesting feature’ that allows you to play in 2 other worlds, being able to swap one out every 24 hours. See the post for more details.

Because we KNOW we’ve sold so many people on The Secret World, you’ll certainly want to check out Cthulhu Wednesdays! Sokotep and his crew in the AIE Cabals are looking to get some new folks into Dungeons from Polaris to Slaughterhouse and everything in between! The first official run will be this next Wednesday, the 25th!

Please remember that the AIE invite period for new members is the first week of the month. We have a lot of people popping back into games and we love that you are bringing friends, but the only way your friendly neighborhood officers can keep things under control is by restricting the enrollment period

Funcom Montreal has closed it’s doors! As part of a major restructuring of the company the montreal branch of the studio has closed down. This is all going ‘as planned’ to make the company more profitable, and will not impact their games.

And with that, it’s time to welcome the one and only DILLS…

Book of Heroes has taken hold of AIE! Ghomus somehow ended up being the Director of this branch and he fully blames Dills for this mess!

8 guilds full, hopefully a 9th opening soon! Currently 1 character per guild per member. We’re trying to make room for everyone, but with a 60 character cap per guild, you can imagine how fast they’re filling up. Thanks to all the quality AIE folks that are helping Dills and Ghomus get things going! Caoboi, StupidGenius and Korann get a shout out from Ghomus! Keep in mind, if the AIE guild does NOT show up in the AIE Forum post or Wiki, it is NOT an AIE guild. We’ve had 2 already do this.

Because we’d like to know who folks are, we’re asking that everyone have a VenanID within 2 weeks. That will allow you to have alts, and us to see who the overarching nick that you are using will be. If you do not log in for 30 days, your character will be removed from the guild to make room for someone a bit more active. You can always come back though!

All characters who are accepted into the guild and have a VenanID are automatically promoted to Member status. When members have reached 1000 might, we tend to promote them to Veteran status. Veterans are able to start raids and that is really the only difference. Each of the Guild Masters are able to promote Officers as they see fit to help run things. GMs and Officers are the only ranks that can make ‘personnel’ changes.

It is strongly recommended that you read over this post for information on gearing up. And Save those gold shields! It is always tempting to spend them during raids on more turns, but sigils and gear will benefit you more in the long run.
Sigils give you more TOTAL turns, 2 available for gold shield amounts (cheap and
PRICY) and the rest are unlockable with Raid tokens, up to 42 total turns.
Gem slots unlockable for silver, and gems carry over into new equipment.
Gem will give a higher increase on higher tier gear!
Fill those gem slots with cheap gems, they’re better than nothing!

Raids start to be available almost from the get go, but ramp up pretty quickly in might requirements and difficulty. Don’t know all the status of all the guilds, but I know that “Liberates” is making it through Kraken on gold pretty handily. 12% into phase 3 on Attack at Dawn!

1st TIER: 0 might req for Gobs, 150 for Plaguerider, 500 for Lockbolt, 1000 for Overseer
2nd TIER: 1800 for Kraken, 2300 for Crypt (but is broken), 2950 for Attack, etc

If you have extra cycles and you see a raid which is “too low” struggling a bit, lend a hand! It will help get lower folks rewards so they can help out on higher raids. An unfinished raid means folks who contributed turns don’t get any rewards besides the silver and XP. We want everyone to get those tokens for upgrades!


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Dills for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to Rift

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
Ask Miss Mulgra
Overly Dramatic News
Alludra’s Pets
Mod Minute
AIE Raid Wrapup

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