Author: Max


AIE Forums Update

As you’ve seen in the news from Scott Johnson, due to some catastrophic hacks, the part of the Extralife servers that was also hosting AIE forums has gone offline permanently. At this point it looks like the forums are unrecoverable. […]


AIE SWTOR And The Hunt For Izax

Bioware recently released update 5.8 for SWTOR which brought us Izax, the final boss in the current top operation, Gods From The Machine. Izax is a killer fight and often lasts over 15 minutes with many phases. Almost the entire […]


SWTOR Chapter XV and Dark vs. Light Event

Today is the launch of SWOTR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter XV, the penultimate chapter in this season of story additions to the SWTOR universe. “The GEMINI Deception” looks to bring together a few threads of the story as […]


AIE in Black Desert Online

A sizeable AIE community has sprung up in Black Desert Online this spring. BDO is a Korean MMO that’s recently been ported to the West. The gameplay style is tends toward the sandbox end of the spectrum with some PvP, […]


Welcome to SWTOR Game Update 4.0: KotFE

KotFE is upon us! I wanted to put a note out with a summary of current guild activity and how it will be playing out over the next few weeks and then into next year. It’s a Game-Changer: To be […]