AIECon Winter 2021 – Event Summary

What an amazing outcome for the first ever AIECon last weekend. We had over 18 sessions across the various Con tracks that were attended, viewed and reviewed by hundreds (or something like that since we didn’t track it all that close across all the Twitch streams, video views, etc.). By all accounts, it was a fun, lively event that spanned a whole bunch of activities we don’t get to do as often.

Big thanks to the team that spent weeks planning and organizing, promoting and running the event. Core team and game/track runners included, Sema, Looci, Marcus, Dankina, Corley, Gusty, Syreyne, Tetsemi, Albus, Velazarius, Bhock, Catavarie, Grebog, Duskmire, Fez, StupidGenius, Pelell, Maellung, Mew and many more who researched options, ran surveys, play-tested games and tools, ran comms, and kept the event going. Let them know you appreciate their work on this.

Also thanks to all of the AIE attendees and guests who joined us to play, hang out, chat online, promote on social, etc. Without you all it wouldn’t have been a con!

Here are some resources if you’d like to catch up on anything you missed:


Main Stage Events

  • Guild Town Hall event kickoff: This covered guild news and division notes in general and then a dive into the event overview. We only do full a full Town Hall a few times a year so this is a definite must watch to be up to speed on all things AIE.
  • Joint Working Class Nerds and SWTOR Escape Pod Cast con edition show: and Marcus, Nick, Sema and Max teamed up with each of their AIE based SWTOR podcasts for a special AIECon edition, live from the con
  • Board Gaming Industry Panel: AIE’s Albus hosted a Q&A talking all things board games with industry guests, David Gregg (designer of Nightfall), Dustin Staats (founder of Board Gaming with Education), and Joe Ellis (game designer at Plaid Hat Games)
  • Indy Games Dev Panel: Marcus hosted a Q&A talking about indy video game development with game dev Nick Iorfino from Bactrain Games

Casual Games Track

Board Games Track

  • Shout out to Albus who organized this track and pulled in game runner Velazarius and our industry guests for our series of board game sessions.
  • Forgotten Waters game session:

D&D Track

Thanks all!

This is a triumph. I’m making a note here, “huge success!”