AIE in Dual Universe

Dual Universe, currently in beta, is a sandbox MMO with elements of games like No Man’s Sky and EVE wrapped around a voxel building engine. A handful of our AIE team have jumped in with Catavarie leading the charge since early alpha.

Here’s just some of the fun AIE has going on:

AIE Organization: Guild structures in DU are “organizations” with a relatively extensive set of rights management over organization structures and assets. AIE has set up Alea Iacta Est Fabricor, open and ready for invites. Our group is relatively small right now as the game moves through beta but Catavarie is build our assets and resources to help out any that would like to give it a try.

AIE Territory: DU divides up it’s 12 procedurally generated planets (and each of their moons) into a map of hex tiles that are all available for “claim” or ownership by players. Players are granted a free claim as part of the tutorial on the Sanctuary moon of the hub planet of Alioth. The AIE Org has a claim on Alioth with org resources and our members have clusters of tiles on both Sanctuary and Alioth.

AIE Industry: A core gameplay element of DU is the building of industrial, building and ship elements through an extensive crafting system. Crafting starts at the “nano” scale in your own inventory but quickly requires industrial machines of various kinds chained together to refine materials, synthesize components, and assemble finished elements. Catavarie has set up some extensive industry machines available to our org members at the org HQ on Alioth. Great resources for those that haven’t yet built out their own.

AIE Mining Trips: The main resource in the game is various tiers of ore and mining is a huge aspect of what drives crafting and industry. Each planet only has a small number of possible higher tier ores. Across our membership we have a handful of space capable ships, a few with warp drives, and org mining trips have been starting up to get us all the resources we need.

AIE Building: Finally, the building of structures and more importantly ships, has been in full swing by our team. Tiny hover craft, small hauler ships, and medium cruiser warp ships are all being designed and customized with the voxel system. Gathering the perfect materials for textures and colors, crafting the functional elements, and then forming, warping, smoothing the final shapes are quite addicting. These are a couple of the ships we have on hand and even showed off at the Zenith Expo this weekend in game.

Join us in the #dual-universe channel in Discord with any questions you might have or for an invite. A referral system will be added before long which may provide some fun options to pull more guild members in. Just DU it!