LOTRO Chicken Event This Saturday


LOTRO Chicken Event This Saturday

Even the smallest chicken can change the course of the future.

Saturday October 10, 2020 at 8:30 eastern/ 7:30 central we’ll all join up for the Chicken Play Race.  We will be running the Bree-land quest for “Chicken Play”. Come join for the hilarity and stay for the prizes for all who attend!

What is Chicken Play? I am glad you asked. Chicken Play is a way to play as a level 1 chicken in the world of Middle Earth. You will be adventuring in the same regions as regular players.  It revolves around a detailed and fun quest line to all ends of Middle Earth.

If you would like to come but do not want to play as a level 1 chicken then that is fine, we have something for you as well.  It would be a little easier with escorts to help keep us chickens alive while we run around.

See you Saturday!

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