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You, Your Passwords, and You.

This week, the Guild Wars 2 twitter (@GuildWars2) account was reminding users to make strong passwords, and the topic of the XKCD password approach came up.  The main point of the XKCD comic is that we have made passwords hard […]


GreenWall update for 5.4.7

The recent update for World of Warcraft, version 5.4.7, introduced a small change that causes older versions of the GreenWall add-on to break.  Please update your copy of GreenWall to v1.3.6 to ensure that your messages can be seen by […]


Are you a snowflake?


Passing the Hat

Since AIE first set up a member database and a wiki in 2007, the expenses of the guild have been paid out-of-pocket by the officers. As we continue to expand the AIE footprint and bridge the gaps between game universes, […]


GreenWall has moved to GitHub

The distribution, version control, and issue tracking for the GreenWall add-on have been moved to GitHub.  This is part of a larger effort and all of the AIE-maintained software is being moved over, too.  This will make it easier for […]


New Xbox console will require an always on online connection and will not support used games

As reported on EDGE the new generation Microsoft Xbox will require an always on Internet connection in order to function. This no doubt is being done to provide a new DRM scheme that will require the user to input an […]


The AIE Wiki is now using UMAMI logins and passwords

We have extended the UMAMI single sign-on (SSO) system to the AIE Wiki.  Aside from the obvious benefit of no longer having to send a PM or e-mail message to get access, this allows us much better control over the […]


We now have Jabber

As was discussed during Nerdtacular 2012, one of our goals has been to introduce common instant messaging and chat services across all of the games under the AIE umbrella. We are pleased to announce that the AIE Jabber server is […]