What’s going on with the AIE Ventrilo?

Arveshet asked in our forums:

“WoW, what’s happening to Vent? Is there a limit on the number of rooms and that’s why all the common areas have been cut back to one room? Not to mention the naming of the Lounge rooms…are they just general rooms or do the names have a specific relation to each game? Change….I skeered…me no likey…hold me.”

I figured other folks probably had the same questions—but first, can we get an officer to hold Arveshet—STAT!?…  Thanks, Mathanugg.

Alright, what happened is, over time we got a bunch of common rooms—after a while, a lot of them were not used, so we cleaned it up some.

For example, in SWTOR: originally we had much more separation between the Imperial and Republic sides–separate rooms for the factions seemed to make sense. But lately, almost everyone is playing both sides, so it makes sense to keep things together.

We also put the boiler room up top so folks can find us easier.  Here is the new open channels layout:

Open Channels

  •  Boiler Room
  • Common Game Rooms
    • Shady Tavern
    • W.O.P.R.
    • Meridian
    • Cantina
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Lions Arch
    • Agartha
  • Lounges
    • Lido Deck
    • Rabbit Room
    • Fox & Hound
    • Leaky Cauldron
    • Algonquin Room
    • The Slaughtered Lamb

You can just pop in these channels as you like.   The Boiler Room is our officer help desk, no appointment needed!  Common game rooms are intended for people playing a particular game, but that’s not required or anything. (Sometimes the EVE folks are all playing GW2.)

Finally, the lounge rooms–these are just general-purpose hangout rooms, not associated with specific games. They are all named from real or fictional lounging places.  How many can you recognize?

Since these are open channels, remember to keep the chat family friendly.

Other Channel Areas

The Town Hall

This is a mega channel where we hold our large community meetings.  It is set up special to mute people as they enter to keep it from being crazy.  We typically record these meetings and also use the Ventrilo text chat (Chat button on upper right of Ventrilo UI) for folks to ask questions and such during the meeting.


The adventurers area contains 20 channels for small groups to use when questing, running an instance, etc.  Each room can have up to 8 people in it, and the channels are first come, first serve.

Note: these are marked DND, for Do Not Disturb.  This means you should not just pop into these channels unless invited.  In these channels, if you know your group is all adult, and amenable, chat is not required to be family friendly.


Here we have 10 channels for raid teams.  These are pretty much the same as the Quest channels in the Adventurer’s area, but allow more people in the channel for larger raid groups.

Officers Chambers

This is a protected channel where the officers’ conduct officer meetings and Lanctharus talks about My Little Pony.

It’s AIE’s Ventrilo

We can change it whenever we like to suit our needs.  If you have an idea or request, just let us know!