The Roger “Ralff” White Memorial Guild Hall

From Disturbed0Angel:

Howdy AIE folks. AIE is looking to unlock our Guild Hall in Guild Wars 2. With the recent passing of Ralff in the guild, it was determined that in GW2 we would dedicate the hall to him as our former GM. If you are interested in taking part in the unlock of the Guild Hall, please hop into the GW2 channel in the AIE Discord. We are waiting to judge interest level and make sure we have enough members present to get the Hall before we settle on a date and time.


If you have been taking some time away from GW2 post HoT launch, now is a great time to get back into the game. Right now we are currently in 4th episode of Living World Season 3, and Season 3 has brought new maps and great stories that are only getting better.


If you are curious about why the specific Guild Hall was chosen, please see the prior Guild Hall Thread here. You will also find a few links included if you are interested in reading more on the Guild Halls in GW2.


Again, if you have any interest or questions, please feel free to hop into the GW2 Discord channel. I know several members of the leadership keep an eye on it, and I also check in on the regular.

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