AIE Summer of Love 2020

You receive a package in the mail that includes a letter on a piece of parchment paper, another parchment with a complete schedule of events, and a lovely embossed, overly decorated, and ornate invitation to Alea Iacta Est Summer of Love Extravaganza on heavy card stock.

Welcome Fellow AIE Members!

It’s that glorious time of the year where we celebrate love, happiness, and our fellow man and orc. Join us for Alea Iacta Est Summer of Love Extravaganza! You will find all the information you need in this packet to have a week of so much fantastical awesomeness that you can barely contain it! It has pets! It has light sabers and blasters! It has fashion nights and beach days! There is games and prizes and COOP! And not to be outshined by all the fun, we will most definitely have Remembrance Day.

So grab your girl, your mate, your best friend! Mark your calendar! And prepare for the experience of a lifetime!

Yours Truly,
Events Extraordinaire!


Summer of Love 2020 Tentative Schedule:

Saturday August 1
(WoW – Horde) COOP 5pm ET; Contact Beefy
(WoW Horde) NOOB Raid 11pm ET

Sunday August 2
(WoW Classic) Sunday Funday 2pm ET; Contact Nevermore
(All Games) Remembrance Day 7pm ET, starting locations:
– WoW – Shrine of the Fallen Warrior (both factions)
– SWTOR – Juran Mountains (both factions)
– FFXIV – FC House
– EVE – Amarr System
– LOTRO – Ruins overlooking the Prancing Pony
– GW2 – Field of the Fallen, Lion’s Arch
– STO – Sol System
– ESO – Dankina’s House

Monday August 3
(GW2) MFN 9:30pm ET

Tuesday August 4
(SWTOR) MFN Special Edition 9pm ET; Contact Max and Sema

Wednesday August 5
(FFXIV) MFN Special Edition 9pm ET; Contact Abovan

Thursday August 6
(WoW Horde) Ny’alotha Fel Rush – Glide Invitational 9pm ET; Contact Nawkar

Friday August 7
(ESO) MFN 9pm ET; Visit Homes and Hang Out; Contact Dankinia
(FFXIV) MFN Late Night 11pm ET; Fashionista Night; Contact Abovan

Saturday August 8
(WoW Aliiance) Pet-Quest Expedition 3-5pm ET; We will be completing several quests that unlock pets!; Contact Gustytail and Fezgig
(WoW Horde) Pet-Quest Expedition 6-8pm ET; We will be completing several quests that unlock pets!; Contact Gustytail and Fezgig
(LOTRO) Hide and Seek Rescue Event 8:30pm ET; There will be clues to find an officer then try to keep the low level toon alive while they purposely pull mobs until they get to a safe location. Prizes will be given out.; Contact Maellung
(WoW Horde) NOOB Special Edition 11pm ET; Legacy Raid Night; Contact Dankinia

Sunday August 9
(WoW Classic) Sunday Funday Special Edition 2pm ET; Contact Nevermore
(STO) MFN 8:30pm ET; Risa Event and Beach Day; Contact Dent


*Please remember to bring the enclosed ticket to all events. This ticket entitles you and three guests to enjoy all of the wonders of Summer of Love.*

Just Kidding! Everyone is invited!

Summer of Love is coming up fast! If you don’t know what it is, please reach out to us on Discord. We will gladly tell you more stories than you ever thought of! You can also check out our YouTube videos from last year’s events here.

If you have any questions on SoL in general or on specific events, you can contact the listed person for the event, myself (Syreyne), or any officer in any game division. We hope to see everyone there!