AIE Discord Notification System

We’ve added a roles notification bot to our Discord server. What this enables is the ability to send notifications (Discord alerts) to anyone that is interested in them, by category. It’s completely opt-in and works in the following two parts.

Pick Your Notifications: You start by selecting the notifications you are interested in getting. You do this by going into the #welcome channel and clicking the corresponding emoji for each of the channels you’d like to see notifications from. At any time, you can return to that post and click again to remove yourself from those notification categories.

Send Notifications: To send a notification to everyone that’s opted-in to a channel category, simply “at” that channel. e.g. “@aie-wow noob raid is about to begin!” Everyone who has elected to see those notifications will then get a regular Discord alert in whatever Discord clients they have running.

For now, we’ve set up the notification categories to match all the major game division channels. The intent of the system and bots like this is that everyone can have control over what alerts they would like to see, and we all can also make much better use of the ability for everyone to use Discord alerts. We (and you) can now ping members about fun things going on in game, in Discord chat, in broader game news, etc. without having to resort to using @here and @everyone, which we rarely do. Feel free to make use of the alerting while also being mindful that you will be pinging everyone who’s opted in for that category.

Let us know if you have any questions in the #it channel or by asking an officer. Enjoy!