Summer of Love 2019

Owls are flying, credits are spent, and transmissions are sent. That’s right. Everyone in AIE has just received their most important piece of mail for the year, their Event Pass for the AIE Summer of Love – Virtual Con!

The opening letter inside your packet envelope reads as follows:


You are hereby formally invited to participate in the most anticipated series of events for our entire year. AIE Summer of Love Convention. There’s mandatory fun, dungeon runs, tavern crawls, COOP, and of course, the closing ceremony concerts hosted by the Darkmoon Faire.


Enclosed is your official packet for everything you will need for this week, including your Event Pass (to be worn at all times), Schedule of Events, and a map of the convention center.


Special Instructions: We encourage everyone to cosplay as their favorite characters, however weapons, foam weapons, and pets are strictly forbidden at the Remembrance Day Ceremony on Friday night. Storage lockers and pet daycare facilities are available at no cost during this event.


If you have any questions, please refer to the contact list in the back of your packet for the appropriate event coordinator, or you can contact the main office and ask for Syreyne.


– Syreyne, AIE Con Coordinator

Event schedule!

If you have any questions or need details on a specific event, please contact any Community Officer, or ping us in AIE Discord. We hope to see you all there!