SWTOR Guild Heraldry

With game update 5.10.2 Bioware introduced the guild heraldry system. This allows guilds like ours to create a guild logo and banner from a set of in game logo and background options. We’ve done some initial work mocking up some possible options for AIE in SWTOR and wanted to both show off the system and get these options out to everyone for a vote!

We’ve narrowed down our initial concepts to the following three. The combinations of in game logos and backgrounds are limited so this is the best we could do to stay “on brand”. We’ve also aligned the logo parts between the Imperial and Republic models but figured a background tint of red for Imperial and blue for Republic would be a good fit.

These three options are posted in the #SWTOR channel in Discord now and are up for a vote. Jump in there now and help us pick some new heraldry for the guild!