Zen and BC – Our Only Hope

Help us, Zen and BC. You’re our only hope!

From time to time AIE evaluates the roles and jobs of the officer group that oversees all our game divisions and does the back end work. In doing that recently we identified the need for a bit more help in a couple areas. In particular, SWTOR 5.10 is going to take what we’ve been doing in that division with the guild “conquest” system and crank it up to 11 (and then to level 65+). Guild leveling, conquest changes and guild perks are going to require additional focus and officer roles. As a result, two new officers have been added! They will continue to be primarily SWTOR focused but we will be calling on them for help and guidance across the community as needed as well.

BCavanagh – Bcav or BC has taken on the role of Conquest strategizer for the guild for many months with his contributions in this area extending out into the greater SWTOR gaming community as well. His “Conquest Calculator” spreadsheet is at the core of what he’s put together for us: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GoP6oVUROvpujs70ro6pSP3yH-Ez_zRYGnyEVViWEs8/edit#gid=841519314

We’ll be asking BC to continue in that capacity and help direct the guild leveling, guild perk management tasks that will be coming in 5.10 as well.

Originally from Australia and now in the northeast, BC will also help anchor our IRL east coast presence for AIE. I’m looking forward to more east coast meetups for AIE!

Zen – Zen has been with us for a few years now and true to his chosen gamer tag, he’s cool and level headed without fail. He is one of the top “helpers” in the guild, always ready to assist with any ask and goes out of his way constantly to make himself available. Also in the conquest management role, Zen has become a tactical execution lead. He’s always out there with help and suggestions, keeps our guild banks topped up with valuable materials and resources to help others make their personal goals, and always willing to jump in and get hands on to selflessly help others get done whatever they need.

Similarly, we’ll be asking Zen to continue in that capacity helping to direct and managing guild conquest, invasion targets and timing and guild strategy on how we all get make our goals week to week.

Also from Australia, Zen is now in New York and will also be a key component of our east coast team. I know both he and BC have already kicked off AIE meetups in the area. PAX East anyone?!

Welcome, new officers!