SWTOR – State of the Galaxy

The SWTOR Officer team and broader AIE Officer Community has been doing work behind the scenes in a number of areas. We’ve had a few working sessions recently that everyone will get to hear more about over the next few weeks. For SWTOR in particular, here are some immediate results of some of that work. Feel free to strike up a conversation and ask any questions of the team in Discord and we will be happy to help.

New officers!
From time to time AIE evaluates the roles and jobs of the officer group that oversees all our game divisions and does the back end work. In doing that we recently identified the need for a bit more help in a couple areas. As a result, two new officers have been added, both of whom you all know. They will continue to be primarily SWTOR focused but we will be calling on them for help and guidance across the community as needed as well.

  • Dent – Dent has been a key group content and operations team leader and coordinator for us for quite a while. We are going to be asking him to continue that work and act as a key group/team coordinator where needed. His focus in SWTOR as well as in STO and other game divisions will be an asset to AIE overall.
  • Marcus – Marcus has taken on the personal challenge of community outreach, public relations and various types of recruiting in a number of ways for some time now. We have Marcus to thank for getting the word out to many of the most recent new members to the guild. We’ll continue to rely on Marcus for that focus in SWTOR as well as across AIE.

Welcome, new officers!

Republic-Imperial Rotation
We’ve been operating Conquest and MFN on a 2xImp to 1xPub rotation schedule for the last couple years. As the guild has grown and we all have ramped up our legacies of characters, the opportunity to bring balance to the force has presented itself. Starting this week, we’ll be rotating 1 to 1 with Republic side this week. Enjoy!

Conquest Approach
The rotation change above will be one component of our slightly tweaked conquest approach. We’ll match our Conquest focus as we have in the past to the appropriate faction with more opportunity to engage our Republic side than before. We’ll pick the target size based on this focus with a de-emphasis of the other side for that week in general. We may need to shift the schedule a bit from time to time so keep an eye out for that too.

In addition to the rotation effects, the invasion deadline has changed and the opportunity and flexibility that it provides is something we’ve been looking at. We did mess it up this week as we are adjusting to the new deadline and have since refined our strategy. In some cases, we may now wait as late as Saturday afternoon to invade if we want to see where the guild is at in regards to Large vs. Medium targets, for example. We’ll continue to rely on our conquest experts (Bcav, Zen, Sakic, Jana, etc.) to help make the call.

Thanks to all of you Conquestors for the contributions to this game system. It’s been a blast each week seeing the strategy and planning and the collaborative efforts. Congrats all on Conquerors of Balmorra!

Rishi Stronghold
The new Rishi stronghold has been purchased for the guild and unlocked 100%. As part of that launch for our guild, I want to give out a gold key to any guild member that would like to try out decorating. It’s not easy to allocate keys with the messy way Bioware has it set up therefore I’d like to limit the key to just your main decorating character. Just DM me in Discord with the name and I’ll make it happen.

This new stronghold will be the target location for our 8/24 MEGA event. Testing on Friday of the new PvP capabilities turned out super fun and we think it’s going to make for an awesome event. Hope to see everyone there!

MEGA (Monthly Epic Guild Activities) and MFN Ideas
Speaking of MEGA, Marcus will continue to spearhead these monthly events. 8/24 will be epic and there are already plans in the works for September. Marcus and the team want to put the word out to everyone that your ideas for future MEGAs would be great. Drop those ideas in Discord or DM them to Marcus and we’ll keep them rolling. Same goes for MFN. We’ll be doing a new leveling event for this week’s MFN and more cool ideas like that would be awesome as well.


Thanks everyone for making the guild so excellent. All of your participation, ideas and support continue to make this a fun place to be. Please send any questions, ideas, etc. to me, any officer or to everyone in Discord, anytime.