Officer Updates

  • Gusty, Dent and Marcus are new officers
  • Ashayo, Syreyne and Tetsemi are WoW division Directors
  • Other division directors include: Dankinia (ESO), Hoots (EVE), Abovan (FFXIV), Dejara (GW2), Dux (LotRO), Grebog (STO), Max (SWTOR)
  • The AIE Council has a new member: Sema


Hello, AIE!

We wanted to take this opportunity to provide everyone a summary of some recent officer updates as well as some background on how guild leadership works in general for AIE.

Officers in AIE are the broad group of leaders responsible for the day to day operations across our game divisions. Originally, AIE officers were specific to the game they were focused on, however in the past year or so we’ve moved to a model where all officers operate across all game divisions and support the community as a whole. Individual officers may focus only on a specific game but we all work together as a community team and often cross over between games as needed.

From time to time AIE evaluates the roles and jobs of the community officer group. In doing that recently we identified the need for a bit more help in a couple areas. As a result, three new officers have been added. Two were already introduced last week in the SWTOR Update, Dent and Marcus. We’d also like to announce the addition of Gusty/Koochikoo to the officer team.

Gusty has been an AIE member for over 4 years and is best known as an organizer of many guild events in our WoW division. She recently hosted events for our Summer of Love week as well as the launch party for BfA. We hope to continue to utilize her event management skills primarily in WoW, but will also be looking for her to help with best practices across all our games. Welcome to the new role, Gusty!

Game Directors:
In addition to the general officer roles in AIE, we designate some officers as game division directors. Directors operate similar to all officers with a bit of added responsibility around tracking the state of the game division and setting some of the strategy for support of that division. We recently took some extra steps to align our WoW leadership with the director roles and given the large scope of the WoW guild we have three co-directors running the division. They are Ashayo, Syreyne and Tetsemi. Randydeluxe continues to provide overall guidance as guild founder. Thank you to our WoW directors for their years for guild management across the 11 co-guilds in WoW as well as support of all of AIE.

For support in our other game divisions feel free to reach out to Dankinia (recently assigned as ESO director), Hoots (EVE), Abovan (FFXIV), Dejara (GW2), Dux (LotRO), Grebog (STO), and Max (SWTOR)

Finally, AIE maintains a council of officers tasked with overall community guidance, principles, and maintaining the guild culture. Until recently, the council has consisted of Ashayo, Hoots, Lanctharus, Max, Randydeluxe, Stigg, and Xanar.

Over the past month, the council has evaluated the coverage for the overall guidance role it provides the guild, and has been thinking about how we might ensure we have a balanced set of active leaders with deep AIE, community, leadership and gaming experience. With that in mind and after weeks of careful consideration, we have nominated Sema to the council and she has accepted.

Sema is an 8 year AIE veteran in addition to being a gaming veteran going back to the days when mmos were text only. She has been playing WoW since launch and joined AIE early on. Since then, she has been a key leader in a number of areas including holding officership in many of our games, helping launch some of our newer game divisions, helping lead our SWTOR division, and has been a partner in 254 episodes of our weekly SWTOR guild podcast.

Sema is an ex-tech industry consultant who lived and worked in LA and Seattle. A number of years back she moved to Maine to be closer to family and friends in the north east and now spends time with them and hangs out with her two cats, Rosie and Max (not named after me, she got him with that name!)

Please join me in welcoming Sema to this additional role in the guild!

In Conclusion:
We hope that this gives you an updated overview of how the officer community is structured in AIE and who holds which additional roles within the guild leadership at this time. The officer lists in each in-game guild and in Discord are your first and best tier of support for guild information and operation. As needed, the above additional roles are available to help as well.

As always, UMAMI lists the main officer email for each game division and Discord continues to be a primary communication tool to reach any and all guild leadership. Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help.