Summer of Love 2018

August is fast approaching and for our AIE Community that means it’s time for Summer of Love.  For those that are new to our community, Summer of Love is a week of fun filled events across all of AIE’s game divisions, all centered around the week of August 2nd.

Why is that date important to us?  It’s Remembrance Day.  It’s the day we all come together as one community to honor the lives of those we’ve lost throughout the year.  It’s about remembering those we’ve lost and fellowship with those that are still here.

This year Summer of Love is running from Monday July 30th to Sunday August 5th.  If you have any specific questions on the events, you can always ask the chairperson of the event or ask any officer in AIE Discord.  Please keep in mind that these events are subject to change.  We’ll keep you posted!  I hope to see you all there!

Friday July 27:
–SWTOR – Pre-Event MEGA Datacron Run – Marcus and the SWTOR team

Monday July 30:
–WoW – “Hide and Forseeken Laser Tag” at 9pm EST – Allanya & Nevermore

Tuesday July 31:
–WoW – Pub Crawl Micro-Holiday – Syreyne
–SWTOR – MFN Special Edition – Apolas and the SWTOR Officers

Wednesday August 1:
–Video Podcast – Special Edition Sy’s Fireside Chat – EVE

Thursday August 2:
–Remembrance Day – All Games
-WoW – Shrine of the Fallen Warrior – (Fireworks afterwards)
-SWTOR – Alderaan in the Juran Mountains, our traditionalSWTOR location
-LOTRO – Remembrance walk from the Boar Fountain in Bree to The Last Homely House in Rivendell before Remembrance Day starts – 7pm EST

Schedule for Remembrance Day:
9:30pm EST – Discord/Game – Members meet up in their game, and have an open forum type format where the general membership can talk about love ones that have passed, share stories, etc.
10:00pm EST – Official start with speeches and statements by members of Council
10:30pm EST – Wrap up, and for games that do this, Remembrance Walk back (Ex: WoW)
11:00pm EST – End event

Friday August 3:
–STO – Remembrance Flight – 1:00am EST at Wolf 359 (That’s Thursday late evening/Friday early morning) – Grebog
–ESO – MFN Special Edition – 9:30-11:30pm EST – Durus
–FFXIV – MFN Special Edition – 10:00pm EST – Abovan

Saturday August 4:
–WoW – PvP Fun – 8:00pm EST
–LOTRO – Skirmish Party from 9-11pm EST: Lets have fun while running some skirmishes – Maellung
–STO – Evening of Fun at Risa – 12:00am EST (Midnight) – Grebog

Sunday August 5:
–WoW – Gusty’s Giveaways: Pet Adoption and Mog Giveaway – 4pm EST in Undercity
–LOTRO – Beorn to Have Fun from 3:30-5:30 pm EST: Roll up a new Beorning and play it through the 5 min intro and join in the fun. – Maellung