The AIE Podcast #257 – Include proper postage, along with Left Shark

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

      Tetsemi: AIE Blizzcon news


      Mkallah: Are you ready for the Legion pre-patch???


      Tetsemi: Help us decide FFXIV Action Buffs


      Mkallah: We have Captain Cybil’s STO updates


    Tetsemi: and Syreyne and Gustytail are here to talk about the Summer of Love

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #257 of the the podcast celebrating the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has ben podcast. This is Mkallah and there is a chocolate chip pound cake, a german chocolate cake, and angel food cake in the guild kitchen. Hey, Tet, remind me to start the carrot cake when we are done here. And, to my left is Tetsemi – (catchphrase here). This week we are joined by special guests Syreyne and Gustytail who is here to talk to us about AIE in WoW Welcome!

Ok, we’ll be digging into WoW shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News

Interested the AIE Guild Hall at Blizzcon? We have your news and ways you can help out, even if you can’t join us! We are at the Anaheim Convention Center Hilton, upstairs at the top of the escalator, then left. Keep your eye out for the signs. The Guild Hall will be open at exactly 8:00 AM on Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th and will be closing down when one of the persons in charge falls asleep from exhaustion (but most likely before midnight Sunday in a flurry of panicked cleaning and packing.)

Mewkow has stepped up as our Guild Hall Coordinator! Thanks so much, Mew. We still need a ton of help, including: IT and A/V Coordinator; Lead Volunteer Coordinator; Info Desk Coordinator; Social Media Coordinator; Decorator Committee; Guild Hall Setup and Breakdown; and Kidspace Coordinator. Let Mew know if you can help in any way, especially if you are interested in one of the aforementioned positions.

We also need donations to help cover the expenses of this great gathering. As we get closer, we will announce details for the AIE Guildhall 2016 Fund Raiser.

Oh, and do you want to podcast at Blizzcon? We have you covered there, too!
Podcasters are welcome to use the hall to record a show as long as you conform to the time schedule availability and must be confirmed by staff. Schedule availability is first come first served. Podcasters MUST provide their own equipment, be responsible for its security and set up and break down their own gear. A recommended donation to the Guild Hall of $40.00 to help cover costs of the guild hall is requested. In lieu of a donation, podcasters can also opt to work as volunteers at the Guild Hall.

And, a HUGE thanks to Belthaz who donated to help make this year’s AIE Guild Hall happen. Besides helping pay for the event, he coordinates with the Hilton to make sure we have the space we need. The Guild Hall was first baby back in 2010 and it is a tradition that has carried on strong in our community.

Blizzcon 2016: AIE Guildhall

And, more news…. From Mew, who we may be appointing the AIE news director if he keeps this up. The Riders of Icarus Beta is open to the public! The game is free to play, so feel free to join us on Steam or direct client. We have a group of AIE folks on the Baellas server, most of which has greeter access to help get newcomers into the guild. Since this is just a beta, and not a GERP supported game, we do not require Umami registration to be up to date, but that may change to depending on interest. There are mounts and pets and the dungeons is very easy to learn. The story is great and every class has a hunter option! And in coordinating with the Summer of Love, we plan to hold an in game raffle for legendary founder packs, which is a real life $250.00 dollar value! The planned cost is 1 gold per ticket and you must have a Steam account in order to claim the founders code. And, this is a soft opening, so your characters will not be wiped.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 the 7.0.3 pre-Legion patch is going live. There are numerous changes, not only to classes but to all the in game systems, including professions, garrison and shipyard missions and more.

WoWHead has a wonderful writeup of all the changes that happen when the patch hits. Inventory space seems to be #1 on everyone’s list with the new Transmog collections tab going live, a lot of the items people have been saving up for transmog will now be able to be sold/deleted as the appearance will be captured in the collections tab. Personally, I’m going to keep items with on-use abilities like the Headless Horseman’s Helm and the Argent Tournament tabard because the transmog closet is only capturing the appearance, not the whole item.

All the new class changes and mechanics will be live including glyphs going away (sell them before Tuesday or you’ll have a bunch of grey items in your bank/inventory where they’re stored.

Also, with the new changes and the long layoff in Legion, expect many addon authors to take a bit of time to catch up, there has been some major API re-work done and things like Tidy Plates Threat Plates won’t work and may not be updated for Legion.

Taka … Larry needs your help with the remembrance day fireworks display. Please check the forum thread and respond if you can help or know someone who can.

Mew (wow, that guy is busy) is looking to know people’s opinion for the Free Company action buffs in Final Fantasy 14. For those not familiar, the Free Company can purchase 24 hour buffs that activate two at a time for the Free Company members. The ones we usually use are teleportation price reduction, battle XP increase, craft XP increase, and sometimes the gather XP increase. We like to have the teleport one up at all times since it benefits everyone, with the second buff dependant on what is going on in the game. Do you want to see a rotation of weekend buffs, or whole week buffs, so you can plan your activities accordingly? Let Mew know, either on the forums of via twitter at @themewkow.

In case you missed it from the Star Wars Celebration livestream, Knights of the Eternal Throne (KotET) is confirmed as the next expansion coming in Fall 2016. Not much more is known beyond this, but there is a teaser picture in the writeup and more will be forthcoming as we head to Fall and finish up Chapter XVI of Knight of the Fallen Empire.

Also, Chapter 1 of Knights of the Fallen Empire is now free to play for all players regardless of subscription status.

SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion coming Fall 2016

SWTOR has released a write up and pictures of the past five years of the game as a celebration for turning five. One infographic that caught my eye – OVER 340 HOURS OF VOICED STORYTELLING EQUAL TO WATCHING ALL 7 Star Wars FILMS 22X . *cough* Blizzard *cough*

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 150: Producer Stream and XV

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 150: Producer Stream and XV

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 150: Producer Stream and XV
This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-150 talk about the most recent producer live stream, the DvL event in progress, and a bit on Chapter XV.

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 151: Sema Makes a Healer Out Of Max

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 151: Sema Makes a Healer Out Of Max
This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-151 dive into details on setting up a Mercenary for healing, including abilities, utilities, heal types, cooldowns, etc.

We’re still trying to find a home for a ship giveaway, so far no one’s responded, but if you want a NX Light Class Escort ship. This looks just like the ship in the Enterprise TV series. It unlocks the ability to use the NX prefix on all ship serial numbers to denote an experimental prototype. It even comes with the grappler console, which allows you to shoot a grappling hook onto an enemy ship

RRF Captain Cybyl’s Star Trek Online News Summary for week ending 07/17/2016:

1. The ‘Agents of Yesterday’ expansion released July 6, and introduced new retro starships, new missions and a new Captain Specialisation: Temporal Operative. Players can create brand new captains in the Original Series era and engage in a story that takes them through the 23rd century and beyond. Meet the original crew and admire Yeoman Rand’s awesome beehive hairdo. Also the new Kelvin Lockbox loot drop will introduce retro T2 thru T5 starships, new T6 starships, uniforms, retro weapons, consoles and loads of useful stuff. The website lists these and more surprises in exquisite detail. The ‘Agents of Yesterday’ expansion into the Kelvin Timeline will have an amazing cast of voice actors joining our captains on their adventure through this episodic content. Walter Koenig will be reprising his role as Chekov, and Chris Doohan will be filling in for his father by playing Montgomery “Scotty” Scott. Additionally, Chase Masterson will return and will be reprising her role as Admiral Leeta from the Mirror Universe, and Matt Winston will be making his Star Trek Online debut as Agent Daniels – originally seen on Sthe tar Trek: Enterprise TV series. Finally, Joseph Gatt playing the cyborg crewman 0718, a character from the new Star Trek movies also joins us on our first adventure into this universe.

2 The STO Summer Event on Risa will be ending July 21st. There is still time to do daily events to win prize vouchers for vanity pets, vintage beachwear, updated mini-powerboards, jetpacks, and much, much more. Also, be sure you collect the last of your prize vouchers for the Annual Summer Event Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort!

3. Two more Temporal Agent backstories, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ and ‘Aftershocks’ were released on the website blog. They fill in important details of the Mirror Universe, Vorgon and Na’Kuhl involvement in upcoming gameplay. Read them now to be forewarned and prepared. They are both a great read. Also, sweet, new Temporal Agent T6 starships were added to both the Lobi Store and C-Store for this story arc as well.

4 Make AIE Classis Starbase Great Again! The AIE Classis’ Fleet Starbase is still seeking contributions of materiel and duty officers from all AIE fleet mates. Donations assist in building up the Fleet’s Starbase and other Fleet holdings to their full potential. Check out the Fleet holdings tab in the Fleet’s in-game menu.

5 A truly massive number of UI and player quality-of-life improvements and fixes, were released over the last 4 weeks as well. Players are encouraged to check out news, patch release notes, forums, commentary, etc., at the Star Trek Online website .

And with, let’s get back with Sy and Gusty to talk about AIE in WOW and the upcoming Summer of Love!

Sy: Before we talk about why we’re here, Gusty, since this is the first time you’ve been on the show, I just want to point out that you are not an officer in AIE, just regular, normal guild member. I just wanna ask you a few questions. I know you have toons in multiple guilds. What’s your experience been like, joining AIE and playing with guild members? What’s the best thing you like about being part of AIE?

Gusty: I was invited (OK lured) to AIE by Lisky, who was the former tank in my former raid guild. I was a bit intimidated at joining a massive outfit like AIE, but it’s been a great fit! I’ve been raiding with two AIE teams as well as with my main’s guild, Lunacy. I love being able to easily find guildies for heroics, mythics, and various mischief. I also love the events that AIE does, to help members accomplish things they haven’t been able to complete on their own.

Sy: Well, we’re counting down the days to pre-patch for Legion. I think to start with, we should recap some of the best things we liked about Warlords. Personally, I liked the concept of the garrisons and shipyards. Yeah, they could have been better, but it was something new added to the game. Something optional. I really really hate to say this, but the Alliance garrisons are so much prettier than Horde. Another thing I liked was some of the new mechanics they came up with in boss fights in raiding, like the construct in Socrethar, and the craziness of the heroic Archy fight. Or even the pop tarts during Hanz and Franz. What did you think guys think about this last expansion?

Gusty: While I 100% agree the Alliance has better looking garrisons, the dirty, spiky Horde is my home. I’ll miss my followers such as Garona, Ken-Ken, Kristian Nairn and of course, Leeeroy Jenkins. The starting zone End quests were also glorious. Even after 10 alts, I still shout “Lok-Tar!” along with Ga’nar. I was disappointed though by how quickly many of the warlords, in Warlords, came and went. Orgrim, we hardly knew ye! Now though, I’m excited for the pre-expansion patch, especially the new transmog system. We are all about The Mog, right Sy? I also want to get a firm hold on my talent changes so I can be ready when Blizzard unlocks more content as we get closer to Legion’s August 30th launch. I’ll be rolling a gnome hunter and of course, a Demon Hunter. Does everybody know that you can get an early start on your Demon Hunter if you pre-purchase Legion?

Sy: Guess what else is coming up for AIE? Summer of Love. This year, Summer of Love will be held from August 1st to the 7th. On Tuesday, August 2nd, the whole AIE community will be observing our annual Remembrance Day, in honor of those of us that have fallen in real life. Each game division will have a place to meet with WoW meeting at the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior in Northern Barrens. (Open discussion with everyone on the meaning of Remembrance Day)

Gusty: (Again ) It’s also time for another episode of Creamy Orange Otter Pop. Yep, that’s right. There will be COOP on Friday night during Summer of Love. Because we love our Alliance brethren and want to hug them and squeeze them … to death. Nothing says love like dancing on the bones of your enemies.

Sy: Saturday night, BRA and DoA raid teams are joining forces to host an old school raid night. We are inviting everyone in the guild, level 90+, to join us. We are going to be doing Siege of Orgrimmar raid on Heroic and doing all the raid achievements. This is a great way to finally get that Shammy only transmog set or to get the Reins of Galakras mount.

Gusty: (Again) This is where we need your help though. The officers aren’t the only people who can host events. We have plenty of other days during this week where we could have events, like costume contests, war games, and running of the beef. Maybe even an All Druid run of ICC? But we need you to step up and help. If you’re interested in hosting or helping with a guild event, please contact Syreyne (if possible include a Left Shark. She can never have enough). Or you can contact any other officer at This is your chance to give back to our community and have fun while doing it.

Sy: Like Gusty said, anyone can host a guild event. Just like anyone can submit an article to our website. Are you tired of seeing all the EVE posts? Well, write one about WoW and submit it. We want you guys to be more involved. So hop to it!!!

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank Syreyne and Gustytail for joining us.


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And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including, well, possibly an Altitis segment from Mew! And, if you want to submit a segment, we would love to hear from you. A BIG shout out to Mewkow and Cybyl, who were kind enough to provide the news for most of the games this week! We love you guys!

Next time, we’ll be talking to Dux about Lord of the Rings online. So until then, AIE…

– This is Mkallah
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And this has been… The AIE Podcast.