SWTOR Chapter XV and Dark vs. Light Event

Today is the launch of SWOTR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter XV, the penultimate chapter in this season of story additions to the SWTOR universe. “The GEMINI Deception” looks to bring together a few threads of the story as it builds to the Chapter XVI conclusion.


In addition, today also marks the launch of a summer event added to the game. The Dark vs. Light Event is similar to a Diablo season in that players need to roll new characters starting at level 1 and complete a series of achievements with only those characters to reach the various tiers of rewards. The first few achievement levels are relatively reasonable, but the Legendary level is quite hard core, and will have players rolling 8 new characters and doing some of everything in the game.

The AIE guild in SWTOR will be supporting our members in working through the event over the course of the next couple months. We’ll share our plans, levels of achievement, offers of assistance and requests for help. A couple weeks from now we expect to be arranging our Tuesday Mandatory Fun Night open guild nights around some of the event achievements as well.

Watch this forum thread for continued news, plans and progress: http://forum.myextralife.com/topic/57182-dark-vs-light-event-plans/

As always, anyone interested in jumping back in or jumping in for the first time can find us on the Jedi Covenant server and can get to the officers for an invite though the “/cjoin aielfo” channel on either the Republic or the Imperial sides. No application necessary for the initial invite. Officers are also watching Twitter (#AIEGuild and @MaxTheGrey) and AIE Rocket Chat: https://aie.community/home