Welcome to SWTOR Game Update 4.0: KotFE

KotFE is upon us! I wanted to put a note out with a summary of current guild activity and how it will be playing out over the next few weeks and then into next year.

It’s a Game-Changer:
To be clear… lots of the game changes today but access to some features, including story don’t come until next week unless you were a subscriber back at the beginning of August for “early access.”

The patch is big (over 8G)! Patch notes call out some new, interesting information we hadn’t known yet, including the introduction of a new Flashpoint: Star Fortress:¬†http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes/10202015/game-update-4.0-knights-fallen-empire-early-access¬†

Invites, Applications, etc.:
If you are a returning player or have alts that you’d like to get added in, that’s no problem at all. If we took an old, unplayed alt of yours out that you’d like back in or if you need that new boost to 60 character in just jump in /aielfo and we’ll get you set up. We may clear other old, unplayed alts out to make room on the Imperial side but there shouldn’t be any problems. We do ask that you get apps in for each character name when you have a chance. We have some lingering “citizen” ranks out there that I’d like to see get updated. (http://umami.aie-universal.net)

Ops teams:
Each of our ops teams will continue to run in the coming weeks but LoL and SoL will be shifting to Flash Points and heroics for a couple weeks as people get through KotFE content. This may shift to some of the scaled Ops as well. LoL will be going to one night a week until the end of November as well to give us more chance to jump in other guild activities for a while.

SUP will continue to run but also may be shifting content for a bit while the expansion settles. Check the individual ops team threads for open slots and details.

If there is enough of a surge of interest we could always be spinning up another ops team or run an ad hoc ops night on occasion. The bolster system and incentives to run the “ops finder” of the week might make that very viable and interesting.

Mandatory Fun Night:
This week and next week’s MFN will be focused on people having fun with the expansion. We’ll leave the door open for pick up Flash Points or Heroic runs for those interested as well. After that we’ll get back in the groove and may be shooting for 16M group finder type stuff, eventually.

Sema and I will be shifting this week’s SWTOR Escape Pod Cast to tomorrow night (Tuesday) as well so we can talk through our “First Sip of KotFE” Probably go live around 9:30pm central.

We’ll be paying more attention to conquest and at least signing up for planets that get us bonuses. This is more directed at crafters that will be looking to hit their personal targets if they need the materials for the intro tier of end game crafting.

Let me know what other questions, thoughts or fun plans you have and I’ll continue to update this post.

Have fun in the carbonite. Stay frosty!