Alea Iacta Est Universal [AIEU] is recruiting


Hello potential pilots!

Alea Iacta Est Universal, AIE’s premiere newbro and newsis focused community corporation is looking to recruit willing pilots to help conquer space.

Our collection of helpful and maniacal senior pilots are chomping at the bit to help train you to be the very best space sociopath that you can be.  We are a tight knit social organization that loves inflicting maximum damage on all those who dare to oppose us.

No fight to small, no ransom to big.  We specialize in creating diplomatic incidents, system pacification, covert ops and we have been known to dabble in some of the “darker arts” of content creation.

We offer voice communication via AIE’s Mumble, Slack and hilarious social media content that is guaranteed to keep you entertained even when you are not in game.

We even produce this crazy podcast that some people really enjoy listening to.

Interested?  Great!

Click on this link to get a 30 day trial account.  If you decide that you enjoy destroying your enemies and leaving them a broken heap an upgrade to a full account the corporation will benefit by gaining a PLEX which will be used to fund our new pilot recruitment programs.

So help us, help you, help us and come join AIEU.

So what are you waiting for?  Apply using our handy dandy UMAMI service.


Alea Iacta Est Universal
“What could possibly go wrong?”