AIE SWTOR Guild Calendar Update

SWTORXAIEGuildXWeeklyXEventsX-X20150413Here’s the latest weekly calendar of guild events and ops teams in AIE SWTOR. Check the SWTOR and Operations forums for details. (All times in eastern):

  • Monday: 8pm-11pm Soldiers of Light Ops Team
  • Monday: ~11:30pm SWTOR Escape Pod Cast – guild/game topics @
  • Tuesday: 9pm-11pm Mandatory Fun Night – Open guild fun night! Rotating factions
  • Wednesday: 8:30pm-11pm Sith with Unlimited Power Ops Team
  • Thursday: 9pm-11pm Lords of Light Ops Team
  • Friday: Holy Sith! Ops Team (on hold until May)
  • Saturday: around 8:30pm Open Guild GSF night, both factions
  • Sunday: 8pm-11pm Lords of Light Ops Team

Many of these events are streamed on (e.g. for anyone that would like to check in and ride along. Check the twitter feed for #SWTOR #AIEGuild at event time for the streams starting. We are often in for guild events and ops nights as well. Feel free to join for some music to play to!

As always, use “/cjoin aielfo” to ask for a guild invite at any level. (Application not needed for initial guild invite.) See you in game!