Alea Iacta Est Universal is in need of artists


Alea Iacta Est Universal is in need of artists

AIEU logoAlea Iacta Est Universal, the premiere PvP/industrial corporation of AIE and home of the Cap Stable Podcast is in search for a regular artist(s) to design and create art assets and propaganda for their operations within New Eden. Applicants are asked to submit examples of their past work and will be recompensed via game time in the game of their choosing. Examples of art assets that we are interested are logos, icons, mascots and agitprop propaganda.

If you are a space inclined artist you can contact Lanctharus in game or via the AIE section of the Frog Pants forums.


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  • Hey listeners, Episode 373 with @Abovan talking about AIE in FFXIV, is up on the feed - - Enjoy! #AIEGuild
    about 8 months ago