SWTOR Mandatory Fun Nights

Our guild Mandatory Fun Nights are back on the menu for 2015. They are held every Tuesday night, forming up a few minutes before 9:00pm eastern. Attendance isn’t mandatory, but the fun is!

swtor mfn

For those not familiar, these are open guild group content nights targeted at slightly lower level content and ready made for anyone L50 or above whether you’ve ever done it before or not. We explain the fights, enjoy the story, transport you around when needed, etc.

We run for two hours with a hard stop no matter how far we’ve gotten and switch up what we are doing from week to week. We’ve been known to take down World Bosses and Commanders, give guildies a lift to elite datacrons, or offer tours of lovely locations like Karagga’s Palace or the Dread Fortress. We’ve also been known to share song lists on the side in https://plug.dj/aieswtor

Hope to see you there soon!