AIE Podcast Ep 204 – House Party with Hot Tubs and Violence!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
– Warlords has a release date!
– Mumble is just around the corner
– The Nomads are ready to Smite!
– EVE has a contest!
– And we have Abovan and Kelseer here to talk about AIE in Final Fantasy XIV!

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AIE: General
Just a reminder, our ventrillo server will be shutting down on September 1st. Please make sure you’ve moved over to our new Mumble server before then. Informations on signing into the Mumble server are in the Community Discussions section of the forums.

AIE: World of Warcraft
Blizzard has had quite the presence at Gamescom today, and we have a load of information! We have have an animated mini series coming up- Lords of War, to fill us in on the backstory and history of some of the Iron Horde. We have a cinematic that is out of this world – or at least Azeroth. And, most importantly, we have a release date for Warlords of Draenor. Mark your calendars – we are looking at November 13, 2014 for the Dark Portal to open- again!
Information is available on and, of course, the AIE forums.

And since we have a release date for Warlords, the crazy cat corralors (is that a word) in charge of the Craft Faire are in full swing in planning mode! Contact Syreyne if you want to add to the chaos and keep your eyes on the profession area of the AIE: Azeroth section of the forums for details as they emerge.

AIE: EVE Online
Hoots has decided his officer crew in EVE Online doesn’t do enough work, so starting immediately, he’s declared they will be running monthly contests. The contests will be entirely made up and different each month, and the rewards will vary, but he’s guaranteed you’ll have a great time, or explode trying. This month’s contest is pretty simple, just be on top of the corporate killboard, and you’ll win a PLEX! For more information, just send in your spais and find out!

AIE: Star Trek Online
RattoZatto wants to remind all you star trekkers that this is Junior Officer Appreciation Weekend. Starting now through Monday, you’ll earn bonus commendation XP by completing any duty officer assignments. So get those slacker underlings out of the break room and on the job!

AIE: Elder Scrolls Online
For you AIEers in elder Scrolls Online with a large amount of fashion sense, Grimbane needs your help. They are trying to decide on a guild tabard, and he would like suggestions from the masses. So jump into the forums and toss out some ideas.

AIE: WildStar
Ok cupcakes, our old pal Ghomus wants to let you know about this great addon that his partner Muhley created. It’s called Peephole. No, it’s not what you think, unfortunately, it’s an addon that will create a hovering text sign over your teleporter at your house that will tell you where it will take you. Great for jumping back onto an alt you haven’t played in a while if you’ve forgotten where you are in the game.

AIE: Nomads
This message just arrived via camel delivery from the AIE Nomads: You may have noticed the Nomads have been taking it easy over the summer months but we’re preparing to ramp things up again. Weekly games are in full effect, Yesterday we played some Firefall. Next Thursday August 21 we play Smite. We encourage people to play through the tutorial before showing up so we can hop right into the action as a group. Starting September 12th we hop into Final Fantasy. People are reminded the game offers a two week trial which could conveniently be used during our visit.


AIE Has a House!

Large house,
Aetheryte crystal for recalls
Chocobo Stables
Garden Plots
Crafting Stations
Personal Rooms
FC Vault
Summoning Bell

Remembrance Day Activities, Remembrance Day Eternal Candle Altar

Guild Activites
Casual Raiding Night
Tuesday at 11, come as you are.

2 Raid teams, Tuesday and Thursdays and Saturdays too.
Grand Theft KitChocobo
Chance or Raids

All are fun!

Game news
New 14 Day Trial
Capped at level 20, can not join Free Companies (Guilds), but can join linkshells (Chat channels).
We have an AIE linkshell for folks on the trial. Hop in Jabber, to ask for an invite, or catch one of the officers in Mumble, some other AIE game, Steam, Twitter, Forums, etc.

New Refer-a-friend rewards
Thinking of spending money? You can get referred in for more rewards!
Sub for 30 days?
Both recruiter and recruitee gets a friendship circlet, which increases experience by 20% when you are under level 25 on that class.

The recruiter also gets an “Aetheryte Pendulum” which will allow you to teleport to the nearest Aetheryte (town with a teleport crystal) on your friend’s list with “New Adventurer” status. Does not have to be the one you recruited.

After 90 days of paid time, the recruiter gets a “Draught Chocobo Whistle” which summons a 2-person chocobo mount with a unique barding.
Kelsser, take this one, if you can.
The Moonfire Faire has begun (8/14 to 9/8)

New outfits to earn and purchase, and a new dance to learn, the “Bomb Dance”

New mini-patch 2.35 coming soon, hearing we might have personal housing then. Next major patch, we are scheduled to get a new class and job!eeee Rogue and Ninja!


Kudos to Lotwook, Cybyl, and Kazrik for this week’s show title!