AIE Podcast Ep 203 – Words Strike Back!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
– Blizzard’s birthday
– In game gardening
– Guild merges in wildstar
– Conventions and meetups!
And we have Pelell here to talk about AIE in Star Wars The Old Republic

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AIE: World of Warcraft
World of warcraft is having their 10th birthday, and this year we are the ones getting the presents, and they are all vanilla wow themed! There’s going to be a new battleground that is tarren mill vs. Southshore! Not big on the pvp scene? Well what about 40 man raids? Molten core is getting all sorts of tweaks for a new LFR version. Still don’t like that? Well then PETS!! yes! Molten corgi’s for all who log in during the birthday festivities!! Huzzah!!

Blizzard is also releasing their Warlords of Draenor cinematic and announcing the release date of the next warcraft expansion on August 14th! Don’t know about your guy’s in game gossip but our raid team had the date for this waaay wrong.

Do you guys remember azeroth choppers? Of course you do, well it seems the alliance bike is also making its way into azeroth via the in game! So if you alliance members are feeling left out, they have reworked the design a bit and it will be for sale in game sometime after the next expansion launches. Rumor has it this gold sink will be around the neighborhood of 100k.

AIE: The Secret World
For you AIE The Secret World members looking for some secret info, Sindrake has posted a ton of links in the AIE TSW forums. There’s a link to the Wiki, The Secret World Armory, a signature generator, crafting guides, and a whole lot more.

AIE: Star Trek Online
At the Star Trek Las Vegas convention, the developers gave announcements for what’s on the horizon! Cryptic has announced the Delta Rising expansion will be coming out in October, and it will include a ton of changes. The level cap will go to 60, new methods of advancement via specialization trees, many new races to encounter, and a whole lot more.

AIE: Final Fantasy
One of the great new benefits of our guild house in final fantasy is the gardens. Three tiny plots which we all as members expect big things from. And though we have a gardening committee that handles all of the heavy lifting (and harvesting) we need help from the rest of the guild to make sure that all our crops are spectacular. How can you help? Well we have jobs for everyone, no matter what your professions to help us get the awesome seeds that we all want! Head on over to the forums for a full list of the ways you can help us get our pets and chocobos fed!

AIE: Wildstar
This Sunday (AUG 10), AIE Wildstar is Co-guilding. Everyone will be removed from “Alea Iacta Est.” After everyone is removed, members can join the AIELFO channel to ask for an invite. It is important that they have an application in UMAMI for the character that is joining and that they have Stigg’s wsGreenwall addon installed (which can be found on curse). The two new guilds are called Alea Iacta Est Jariel and Alea Iacta Est Vorion. Also for all the altoholics, our 1 alt rule is no longer in effect, feel free to bring them all in.”

AIE: Meetups
DragonCon Atlanta – Thursday August 28th – 7pm to 10pm. Dinner the night before DragonCon starts. Still trying to pick a restaurant.
Final Fantasy Fan Festival – Friday October 17th – The FFXIV officers will be hosting a mini company (guild) hall at the Rio Hotel

And with that, let’s get back to Pelell and find out what’s going on in Star Wars, the Old Republic…


Last week was Remembrance Week and we ran a few events. Last Tuesday night we had Pilgrims and Pancakes, which was a Nightmare Pilgrim Boss kill, which sadly we didn’t have enough for, so we moved to the Pancakes event. That is an event that has guildies travel to Hoth and find a specific ice bridge, and I am at the bottom of the canyon. Guildies then jump off the bridge and whomever landed closest to me won. We also awarded prizes for 2nd and 3rd place, plus a prize for best overall jump.

Wednesday night, Arveshet ran a Running of the Beefcakes, which involves everyone running a race around Tatooine naked. After that, we made our way to grab a couple hard to get Datacrons, and finished it off with a jump into the Sarlaac Pit for an easy title of Worm Food, and to be digested for 1000 years, or when you decide to release, whichever comes first.

Finally, Max stepped in for me for the Remembrance Day Walk on Saturday, as I was otherwise engaged with an epic canoe trip of massive proportions. We have that on Alderaan at the same time as the other walks, and I understand it went well.

We also had The Gree return after an 8 month or so absence and we used some of that time to knock out the world bosses that returned with them.

Happening now:

We still have a LoL and SUP running ops, but SUP seems to always need someone on the fly. If you think you want to step in for some ops, feel free to get ahold of Arveshet. He would love to have extra bodies. We also have a new Ops team called Soldiers of Light, or SoL, that seems to be doing very well.

Tuesday nights are our Mandatory Fun Nights ( a title which we had waaaaay before Weird Al’s recent album) where anyone 50+ can join us for shenanigans. We have been trying to rotate this between the Republic side and the Imperial side every other week.

Friday nights we also have open FP runs for lowbies and alts. If you want to get some good leveling in, I certainly recommend this. My Jedi Councillor is 42 by primarily doing these FP runs and my class story. It is a good, casual way to level.

Finally, the Rakghoul event is back this week. Think space zombies. Players are able to get infected and in turn, infect other people upon death. Plus, there are dailies that go with the event to build rep to purchase cool items, like Zombie versions of various companions, which is the only reason why I run it. Zombie Treek looks awesome. There is also a world boss that comes with the event called The Eyeless, which we schooled in Story Mode a few times Tuesday night on both sides.

Upcoming news:

We have a couple big things happening on the horizon. The biggest thing is the addition of personal housing in the form of Strongholds. On top of a personal Stronghold, we can also get them for the guild itself. And on top of that, we will be getting Guild Ships. These things are currently on the PTS and I have only dipped my foot in just a little bit. But it looks very very exciting. Of course, these things are going to be pricey. Currently, the Officer corp are discussing the best way to raise funds for these purchases. I expect by the time we are on the next podcast, we will have more info on this addition.

The other big event we have is the return of The Amazing Race: SWTOR Edition Season 2. This time around the race is open to guildies level 55 and we will be doing it on the Republic side. The event starts Tuesday, September 2nd at 9:00 p.m. EDT and runs every Tuesday night for the rest of the month. This will be 5 total legs, with individual winners each night and with the overall winner getting 1 million credits at the end of the race. If you have a Republic toon that needs leveling, you have one month to get to 55, and you MUST sign up for the race no later than Saturday August 30th to run the following Tuesday. We had a lot of fun last time, and we are really looking forward to this season.

Depending on the success of this race, I would like to do one for our server by the end of the year, hosted by AIE and it’s members, and open to all who sign up. This will be a larger scale undertaking and will require more than just our SWTOR Officers to run it. We will definitely want volunteers within the community to help out.


I want to give a big shout out to my Officers: Max, Sema, Wags, Machia, and Apolas for keeping the ship straight the past few months with my inactivity in game due to my recent move back to Kalamazoo. These guys are solid Officers and we certainly couldn’t do half of what we do without them.

Also, a small plug of The SWTOR Escape Pod Cast. Max and Sema are definitely carving a nice niche in the SWTOR galactic podcasting community. They recently were part of a community podcast that included SWTOR podcasters from all over, such as Ootinicast, SWTOR Reforged, and SWTOR Unnamed Podcast. I highly recommend giving them a listen for more SWTOR and guild related related content.


Kudos to Kazrik for this week’s show title!