AIE Podcast Ep 197 — Pillaging through your junk for a home

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– We’re three weeks from 200!

-: Let’s Get Ready to Muuuuuuuuuummmmble!

– Yes, I totally snuck Heroes into the show. o.O


-: And we have Abovan and Bonroku (Bon-row-koo-koo) here to talk to us about AIE in Final Fantasy

– All that and more coming up right now…



AIE: Podcast 200

Before we dive into game news, we want to remind everyone that The AIE Podcast Episode 200 Spectacular Spectacular will be coming up in three weeks. It’ll be a pretty big shindig, with several star-studded guests!  AIE Final Fantasy member Rounca Pardylle [rounce-uh parr-dill] has donated two Everquest Landmark Closed beta keys and a copy of Final Fantasy XIV to give away, and we’ll also be saying a fond farewell to Ghomus after more than three years at the helm of this show. We’d love to read or play messages from you as well. You can send emails and MP3 files to


AIE: General

It’s been in the works for a while, but Stigg finally announced testing has begun on AIE’s Mumble server. We’re taking a look at Mumble to see if people prefer it over Ventrilo, so please give it a try and let Stigg know what you think. The really cool thing is, the Mumble server tied to UMAMI, so you can sign in using your personal UMAMI username and password. No more having to deal with Vent password changes. The server is at on port 64738 – which is the default, so you don’t need to worry about remembering that. If you need any help signing in, instructions are in the forums.


AIE: Nomads

Even the amazing AIE Nomads are not immune to the Summer doldrums. Lotwook has announced they’ll be taking a break from wandering into any major games over the summer, but they’re going to keep Minor League Game Night going strong, so make sure to vote and join in on the fun. On a side note, Lotwook asks for any Nomads travelling to Nerdtacular next month to please post pics from the event in the Nomads forums.


AIE: Imperium Ludi

We’ve got are a few updates from the up-and-coming games riding the Imperium Ludi bus: The Elder Scrolls gang has announced that the guild bank is nearly full. Gorgesh has cleared some space, but there are crafting mats coming out of the seams, so if you’re into crafting, get in there and put them to use. In Wildstar, Khlaw is warning everyone that the guild has almost reached the guild cap, so they’d like all you cupcakes to please remove any alts you don’t actively play, and ask that you keep to just your main and maybe one alt in the guild until the game gets over that new game smell and membership settles down. And for you Heroes out there,AcuZod has posted a Google Spreadsheet for everyone that has been lucky enough to get into the Alpha so far to share their battle tags. The link is in the Imperium Ludi section of the forums. He has also set up a chat room on the Vent server to help people get together and play. Look for “The Storm Shelter.”


For you AIE members running around that special place we call Azeroth, EverStudious is looking to put together agroup to knock out old content,complete achievements, and pick up mounts and pets. If you’d like to run some old school content, give him a shout, or feel free to arrange your own runs on the Team Recruitment section of the WoW forums.


also in case you missed it the guardian cub is off the market


Also, the quiraji guardling is out! if you missed him last summer go grab him,



Lots of news from the spreadsheets in space gang. First, Lanctharus posted a military update covering changes in [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], which is very important, especially for those of you that [REDACTED] late at night. He also announced the corporation will be running nightly ratting fleets every night starting the night of June 29th, at night. This will be to generate revenue to keep providing free ships to players. Those free ships will probably all get ‘sploded on July 8th, as that’s when they will be undertaking a Major, Military, Maneuver, which we are not allowed to discuss in detail on this podcast, because… SPIAS. If you’re interested in taking part in this attack, or defense, or thing that I can’t say what it is, check that you know where place.



In a galaxy far, far, away, Max has declared Tuesdays to be Mandatory Fun Night. The goal of Mandatory Fun Night is to have fun, so don’t worry about your gear, or how well you play, or anything like that. Just show up. Remember, SWTOR is free, and Mandatory Fun Night is mandatory, so there’s no excuse. Max will know if you’re not there. Max knows eevveeryythhiinngg.


You may not have known this was a thing, but apparently you can load text adventure games to play inside The Secret World. AIE Secret Member DottWarner posted a link to a text adventure game created by Dott and Jermaine called The Horned God. It’s the first of a series of text adventures games they are working on, so if you like to get all inception-y and play a game while you’re playing a game, you’re just gonna have to check it out.



For you AIE Hobbitses out there, Dux shared a link to Turbine’s 2014/2015 roadmap for Lord of the Rings Online. Covered in the roadmap are things like the two upcoming updates this year to roll out the the Army of the Dead, a new class called The Beorning, which is a caster class that can transform into a bear, a new system of crafting tied to the kinship house, special events related to Hobnanigans, which are also known as chicken hockey, and much much more.



If you’ve been waiting for a great deal before you go where no one’s gone before, now is the time. Perfect World has put their lifetime subscription on sale at 30% off. It’s now just a one-time fee of $199 to be a lifetime Gold subscriber to Star Trek Online. That’s like paying for 14 months of World of Warcraft, and getting it free forever. I wish I could do that. Of course, STO is free to play, so it’s not be quite the same thing, but if STO is your game, and you love all the benefits of being a Gold member, you’ll probably want to jump in on this deal.



And finally, let’s get back to Abo and Bonroku to talk about AIE in Final Fantasy…




FFXIV Fan Fest: AIE Will have a presence there with a FC Hall at the Rio, similar to the Guild Hall at previous Blizzcons.  Oct 18-19 in Vegas. Details on the forums.  More Details on the FFXIV Fan Fest will be coming soon, like ticket availability, pricing, and schedule.


New FFXIV Officers, Mewcow and Alludra!


FFXIV E3 News!  New Patch, 2.3, July 8th.

Frontlines: 3 Teams of 24 objective based PvP

New Crystal Tower Content for casual raiding

New Hard Mode Dungeons, Tara-Tara and Stone Vigil

Brand New Dungeon, Hullbreaker Isle

Binding Coil – Brutal Mode  (Pass on that one)

New Grand Company Ranks

Free Company Player Housing.

Players get their own room in the FC house but your FC needs a house so…


Free Company Housing Update

Gil Donations have really ramped up recently.  Still need more for our goal, but extreme thank you to all those that have donated so far.

25,148,927 donated thus far!

We still have the goal of buying up a Large House.

Gil donations are always accepted.  Just walk up to the FC Vaults and drop the money in.

Crystals Purchases, the fuel needed for crafting, is available for about 20% less than the current market value.

Other ways to donate and help the cause…

Donate Crystals for the purchase program!

Have extra items to sell, but don’t want to go through the motions, place them into Tab (to be decided) and we will sell it for you and then put the money from the sale in the FC bank.

Join us for Map Nights, where we run a bunch of treasure maps.  Level 45+, but pretty easy and laid back content.

Buy-a-buff Program!

Each FC buff costs company credits, and to stretch things out, we have been running 1 buff, teleport cost reduction,  during the week and then 2 buffs on the weekends, Teleport Cost reduction, and 10% xp combat xp bonus.

For 100k donation, you can pick a specific buff to be our 2nd buff for a day.  This can be buffs like, Increased PvP marks gained, Crafting XP buff, Gather XP buff, reduced repair costs, Companion Chocobo XP Buff, and so forth.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Abo and Bonroku for joining us!


[GUESTS: We’ll ask you if you have anything you want to plug here – Twitter, Website, etc.]




Next week we’ll be talking to the gang from AIE in The Secret World.


At this point, we’d like to ask the chatroom to please submit your suggestions for this week’s show title. Our guests will pick a winner while we cover the rest of the show close.


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Overly Dramatic News

– Buxley’s Journal

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Much Lesser Known Shas

– Azeroth Archives

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Until next time, AIE.

– This is Ghomus

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