AIE Gaming Community Remembrance Day, Saturday, August 2nd

Courtesy of Fightswithbulls
Courtesy of Fightswithbulls

 Hello my fellow members of the AIE Gaming Community.

 It is my proud and solemn duty to call attention to one of the most important events that this community celebrates every year.

 Our fallen friend Bruce Galloway known as Milliway in the guild, was an early member of AIE World of Warcraft guild who passed away on August 2, 2007.  He was a fan of AIE on a level that cannot be overstated, and a good friend and kind soul to all who knew him.

On the day of his death we assembled and held a vigil in game. This vigil soon became our communities’ tradition to honor him and every guild member who has been taken from us.

We marked the date as a permanent community holiday.

In World of Warcraft:

 We invite all our members to please assemble at the Shrine of the Fallen Hero on Saturday, August 2nd at 8:00 PM server time in the Barrens [42, 58] so that we may pay our respect to our fallen friends.  After which we will march upon Orgrimmar to remind those around us the importance of community and friendship.

As our tradition dictates we ask that those attending carry no weapons unless you are escorting lower level characters to keep them safe.

EVE Online

This year, we have a landmark and a place to pay tribute to those we have lost. I will be personally leading a fleet to B-R5RB to hold a vigil at Titanomachy.

Final Fantasy

In Final Fantasy XIV, we will be doing a procession from the Sanctum of the Twelve, to Central Shroud, to the housing zone, ending at our house where we will have a special dedicated event.

Wild Star

Staring at Spaceport Horizon in Thayd

The Secret World

Will have an in-game event at the church in Kingsmouth on July 30th at 7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific. Any player can get there, it’s a nice area that keeps any random monsters out, and it’s a fitting setting.

Star Wars the Old Republic

We hope to see you at the festivities,

For our friends.




Bruce Galloway, aka Milliway
Bruce Galloway, aka Milliway