AIE Podcast Ep 172 — “In Space, No One Can Hear You Trimming Your Tree”

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On This episode of the AIE Podcast…

Star Trek Online gets into the Holiday Spirit!

The State of the EVE corp coming soon!

Emperor Pelpatine joins us to chat about Star Wars: The Old Republic

All that and more coming up right now…


There seems to be no shortage of things going on with the SpreadShips in Space, and this week is no exception. For those who might be interested, there will be a State of the EVE Corp meeting Friday, Dec 7th, at 10:30 EST, presumably in vent, so if you are curious, stop by! (that’s tomorrow!)


We are perhaps the last podcast to mention this due to the thanksgiving holidays, but we We wanted to wish Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street well on his new venture, and thank him for his years of work that helped make WoW the central shining jewel in the AIE Crown. Thanks much, the game will not be the same without you!


Hearthstone is really starting to ramp up the people that are participating in it, and to be honest, I’m not sure we know of anyone who doesn’t have a key that wants one! AdamC on the forums, has collected a great list of Podcasts and informational pages for those looking for all the latest info as it develops! We think a TON of folks in AIE are and will be playing this game!


We know they like to keep everything well….a SECRET, but the Nov state of the game for Secret World has come out! Our Illuminati contact and sometimes podcast-guest, RattoZatto, has all the details in the forums. Have we mentioned you should go to the forums?! YOU SHOULD.


Star Trek Online is also getting into the holiday spirit! Q’s Winter Wonderland looks to be starting up very soon, and there are some neat ships, winter tribbles, holiday foods, all sorts of things that you’ll be able to grab as a part of such. In space, no one can hear you trimming your tree


Galactic Starfighter~

Dropped on Tuesday 12/3 for subscribers, 1st week of Jan for preferred, and 1st week of Feb for F2P players


12 v 12 PvP~ only 4 teammates can queue at a time. Tried to super queue a couple times but was unsuccessful.


We had a few matches Tuesday night when it dropped. No first day issues to speak of.


We subbed our Wednesday night Ops for a Galactic Starfighter Boot Camp and had a fairly decent turnout.


So far, there are 2 maps available for play. Both are capture the base type of warzones. 3 targets to capture and hold. The first team to 1000 points win. I imagine more maps will be added in future content patches.


You get 3 ships to start with and can swap between upon death. There is a scout (fast, but light on weapons), a gunner (slower, but heavy firepower from a distance. Think sniper) and fighter (middle of the range). You can purchase more ships with Fleet Reqs.


The level of customization is fairly cool. You can use your companions as members of your crew for added ship benefits.


You can also adjust the colors on your ship to personalize, though this is where BW gets you. Most upgrades, colors, designs, and components can be purchased with CC. Some can be gained through ship and fleet requisitions, this part of the game’s currency.



Took a few games to get the controls down. A lot of people are saying to redo your key bindings for better play experience.


The mouse is sensitive. Very. I have not yet found a way to adjust the sensitivity.


I am anticipating a night during the week for squadron based play in the future. Very easy to get a game in and very little queue time from my experience.


XP gains are not great. It’s not a viable way to level a character only by doing GS. You will want to supplement the xp with Class Quests or Space Battles, the PVE Space game that people sometime forget about.


I am the king of assists, only have one kill under my belt.


Apolas was The Red Baron his first time playing.


Max is The Man when it comes to the GS knowledge.


The Cartel Shop has many items you may want to upgrade and customize your ship, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your playstyle and wallet.


2 Year Anniversary in SWTOR for game and AIE Dec 20th~

Big events of the past year include:

The release of the expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel in April, which raised the cap from 50 to 55.


The introduction of a new species in the Cathar.


The introduction of Makeb and Oricon, two new planets with expanded storylines and more dailies.


Recurring monthly event: Bounty Contract Week.


The SSSP turning into Galactic Starfighter and the subsequent release this week.


AIE related events:

Yearly Remembrance Day tribute on Alderaan. Thanks to Brewdawg for helping out with that this year!


The Amazing Race: SWTOR Edition. A project that was very close to my heart.


The launch of The SWTOR Escape Podcast with Max and Sema. Something that I think the

SWTOR community sorely needed.


The launch of our online presence via Facebook and G+ for recruitment.


And as a reminder, we also recently relaxed the requirements to join the SWTOR guild. No app is needed to try us out. Your access to guild resources is limited until you decide that AIE is right for you and you submit an app in UMAMI.


Upcoming Events:

The Rakghoul plague is coming back. It was one of the first and most popular in game events. Zombie infections, in space. What’s not to love?


Life day is also coming back. And while it won’t be quite the same, I would direct you to the Star Wars Holiday Special if you are unfamiliar with Life Day. You can probably find it on youtube. Brace yourselves.


Battle Team Royale (with cheese) is going to try to knock out the bosses required to get a couple of the rarer speeder mounts in the game.


The Amazing Race: SWTOR Edition 2: Electric Boogaloo


Something related to Galactic Starfighter, once we are more familiar with the mechanics and gameplay potentials.

Other notes

This month’s Ask A SWTOR Guildie is Devad/ Ste’n. Check the forums for the thread. P.S. He claims he’s Canadian, but has no idea who the McKenzie Brothers or the Trailer Park boys are.


We usually have something going most nights of the week. Sunday is Ops with LoL, Monday is SUP (who I believe are on the look out for a healer), Tuesdays are Sema’s FP nights, Wed is the 16 man Battle Team Royale (with cheese), Thursdays and Saturdays are open, and Friday is Casual FP Leveling with low toons.


There is an AIE meet-up for The Hobbit at the Alamo Drafthouse in Kalamazoo. Check the forums in the community section and/or the page under upcoming AIE Meetups.


Also, check out the Facebook and Google+ pages for AIE: SWTOR.


Finally, I am looking for someone that has Fraps, an active SWTOR account, and would like to assist (read~ take the lead) in the making of a few videos.


Special Thanks to:

Max and Sema for creating and running with The SWTOR Escape Podcast. I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I can’t say it enough. Give it a listen!


And an extra special thanks to Zethran aka Cosmic Debris for always being on top of the SWTOR news and sharing it with the rest of us via the forums.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Dark Lord Pelpatine for joining us!



Twitter: @Pelell

AIE: SWTOR Facebook page

AIE: SWTOR G+ page

SWTOR Escape Podcast


Next week we’ll be talking to EVE


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Ask Miss Mulgra


Epic Diapers

Garrisons (new segment!)

Other, Much Lesser-Known Shas of Pandaria

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