AIE Podcast Ep 168 — Final Fantasy XIV: Acuzod not Eligible!

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– Autumn and Halloween Events Abound!

– More Blizzcon News

– Abovan and Jehdai come to chat with us about Final Fantasy 14, A Realm Reborn!

All that and more coming up right now on Abovan’s Favorite Podcast…



In STO news, Cap’n Hunter has let us know that they recently hit tier 3 with the Starbase, and are building up the Dilithium mine. Fleet activity seems to be up with the recent return of the Crystaline Entity and STO is going to add Voths to the game (the Dinosaur species from Voyager).


We mention this quite a bit as the date gets closer, but to paraphrase our favorite anchorman “It’s Kind of a Big Deal”, for AIE in WoW, the Craft Faire gets ever closer! Check the thread for how to donate, help out, or just participate!


We’re getting a few responses in the thread about Book of Heroes but we’d love some more! It looks like currently we possibly have Dignitas, Liberates and Verendus, but condensing these down to 1 strong guild seems to make the most sense! More news as we have it!


The winged guardian mount (AKA Falcor the amazing flyin’ lion) is on sale! You can save 33% until October 22nd, which means that he costs 16.75 instead of the usual 25.00!


Blizzard has stepped up their blizzcon news today! To get us all tons more excited for the upcoming convention, they released their schedule of events and map of the show! so if you want to start planning which panels you want to attend or your travel route around the convention (To maximize your time at the guildhall of course!) the information is up on their website!


Rift has started their autumn harvest event! This event includes special holiday rifts, costumes, quests, a new area to explore and all the amazing stuff you come to expect! The event is running until november 4th, but why wait? Log in to rift (it’s free!) and join the fun!


Not to be outdone, guild wars 2 is also having a halloween event! (You’d think this was some sort of major holiday or something!) They are calling it ‘Blood and Madness’ there are open world events, two story instances, new achievements, a mad king and tons of awesome stuff for players to check out!




Abovan  Settlement Leader

Jehdai Officer


Settment Officers


Abovan Settlement Leader


Senior Officers



Watoolfa (Bofbir)



Jehdai – Xerryx in game




Settlement Phase in the GERP.


Settled on a server. UMAMI is active.  Playing and grouping up.  As of 8pm on 10/17, 139


UMAMI may be slightly different than other games.  Since FFXIV does not have public chat channels (chat channels, or linkshells are moderated, as in invite only), we will be using the Jabber channel ffxiv_lfo to manage invites.  Using the pre-configured client on the main aie page, it has proven to be a very easy and successful way of getting an officer for our member’s invites.


About FFXIV.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Square Enix’s 2nd crack at FF XIV.  First one was a steaming pile of moogle poo.  It was universally looked upon as a flawed game.  However, the folks at Square Enix changed teams, and re-wrote the game from the ground up.  The plot events in the previous game, did happen, but it’s knowledge is not required for understanding in the previous game.  All you need to know is the end of the era video, the now textbook way of showing how to end a mmo. 🙂 This plays when you first open up the game.


The game has been rebuilt into a very defined modern MMO.  The zones are new, and feel like MMO zones.  Places to explore, little nooks and crannies, zone variety, and adventure around every turn.  The Engine was re-written from scratch to run on a much wider array of machines.  More game activities were also added, including the duty finder, which is our  version of the group finder, with long dungeons and small 1-3 encounter instances included.


On the re-release, yes, there were some server issues, but they have been resolved.  I have not had any issues with the game personally, and looking around, all server issues are resolved, and people are able to play this game to their heart’s content.

So, quick rundown of what FFXIV is.


MMO, single player deep narrative.

1 character can do it all.  Class changes based on what weapon you have equipped.  Want to be a tank?  Equip your sword.  Want to DPS, equip a DPS weapon (knuckles, bow, arcanist book, ect).  Heal, equip a healing wand or staff(or a scholars book).


Jobs are like the group friendly, role specialist.  They are like a specialized version of the classes.

Crafting and gathering works the same way.  Equip the crafting or gathering tool, and you become the crafting or gathering class.


Classes get shared slots as well, so you can take some of the skills you have learned on other classes, and use them on your current class.


Most groups are 4 people in size.  There are some mini raids, or large parties, with 8 people, with raids at 24.


The Free Company (which is FFXIV speak for Guild) is up and very active,  with 20-30 people online each night!  Grouping is easy with the level sync system.  If you are level 40 and a friend wants to run a level 20 dungeon, you can do so together, and you will be leveled to the proper level, so no one has any sort of xp penalty or loss of the real experience.


Guildhests and levequest are available for quick adventures. Guildhest are like tutorials for group combat and levequests are similar to daily quests found in other games.

(Group content starts of every simple and teaches you MMO mechanics, like pull 1 group at a time, tanks picking up certain mobs, special mechanics.)]


FATEs for open world group encounters for anyone in the area. Think dynamic events from games like Guild Wars 2, Rift or Warhammer Online.


Dungeons for groups.  Most are 4 member groups,  end game ones are 8 or 24. We are starting 8 man content this weekend. Every dungeon can be completed using the duty finder, except for the final 8 man “raid”.  The first 24 man raid is expected to be released in patch 2.1 in November.


The developers plan on adding housing to the game in 2.1. First it will be just guildhall style Free company housing, but eventually they will add housing for players.


Game available on PC or PS3/PS4. PS3 users have the option to “upgrade” to the PS4 version. PS4 beta is soon(™). Regardless of platform, all players exist in the same servers, so a PC player can play with PS3/PS4 players.  Game play VERY WELL on a controller.  Can use a controller or mouse/keyboard on either platform (Or use a combination of mouse/keyboard and controller)


Server Transfers.  Still free for a couple more days as of recording of the podcast.

[October 15, 2013, to Sunday, October 21, 2013, 01:00 a.m.]





Just a quick list of all of the people who have donated these pets: Ellie, Khlaw, Phist, Kotorro, Tabren, Larranna and Xerryx. If I missed someone I apologize.

Smallshell (Crab) x2

Infant Imp x5

Baby Bun (Mushroom) x3

Pudgy Puk (Fish like thing???) x5

Bite-sized Pudding x3

Gigantpole (Floating bulb) x3

Demon Brick (mini demon wall) x5

Tiny Tortoise x 6

Model Vanguard x4

Baby Raptor x2

Morbol Seedling x1

Coblyn Larva x 4

Gravel Golem x4

Wind-up Dullahan x1


A sealed copy of the game, PC x 2



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Abovan and Jedi for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to Syrene and Mkallah about the Craft Faire and WoW. and how awesome AcuZod is.


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Ask Miss Mulgra (up to episode 80!)

– Azeroth Archives

– Other, Much Lesser-Known Shas of Pandaria


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