Bounty Contract Week Starts August 14, 2013 in Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Earn fortune, fame, and achievements during Bounty Contract Week in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This new week-long event starts on August 14, 2013 and will repeat every month. Special missions to hunt bounties will be available, and not only will your combat prowess be required, but your investigative skills as well.

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Did I mention you can get a tauntaun mount now? I didn’t? Well, that is another thing in 2.3. Check it out!

Since it’s a returning event, you can drop in when you feel like it and have some fun hunting down henchmen and kingpins. Or you can go full bore and join the wave of players running through everything as fast as possible. You can read available guides to get through the puzzles, or figure them out yourself. Your choice! Bounty Contract Week is part of the roll out of Game Update 2.3: Titans of Industry, where Republic and Empire players alike battle the monolithic Czerka Corporation in a new quest area with two new flashpoints. To learn more about Czerka in their own words, go here.   By the way, if you ever wanted to take over the galaxy using experimental abominations and innovative battle droids, Czerka is hiring.