AIE Podcast Ep 127 — That’s One Weird Family Tree

We’ve got meetups, game news, and we talk to the AIE Jedi masters! All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…

We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Abovan and Max standing by to tell us what’s going on with AIE in a galaxy far, far away – but first, we’ve got a little AIE news for you…

The forums were down, but are back up again! We know you all had a panic attack last Tuesday when the Frogpants forums went missing, but they are restored and more secure than ever. A security update took them down, but it wasn’t too long before our mods got them back up and running again!

The vent password has been changed! Oh no! You can find the new vent information on UMAMI at Just sign in and then look for the orange button with the link, Ventrilo Server Access. Don’t forget, if you’re a member of AIE, you already have an UMAMI account, so don’t make a new one to try and get the password, it doesn’t work that way. If you can’t remember your login, just click the “Forgot your password” link to request a password reset using the information you signed up with!

I’ve heard from a couple of new members that they’re a little unsure of what to do in vent. While you can always use vent to communicate with your AIE raid team, you can also just drop in to any of the game-specific general chat rooms, like the Shady Tavern for you World of Warcraft players, where you can have a good time chatting and meeting new people while you do your dailies grind.

CINDER KITTY!!! OMG OMG OMG SO CUTE!! The blizzard pet store is selling a new pet! The cinder kitten! While this seems like something I made up just so I can talk about pets (yay!), it’s actually for a good cause. Blizzard is giving 100 % of the proceeds from the sale of this pet to Superstorm Sandy relief! So get an omg so cute pet and help out the red cross! Mounts are also currently half price, but the sale from those aren’t helping the charity.

Just a quick tease: Plans are already afoot for the AIE Guild Hall at Blizzcon 2013. This will be the largest Guild Hall event we’ve put on to date, and if you were there during Blizzcon 2011, or if you caught the live stream, you know how much fun that Guild Hall was. More news to follow in the coming months, including how you can help get involved, so stay tuned.

Put your mark on the map! Just a heads up for our newer members: If you want to see what other AIE members might live near you, check out the Put Your Mark On The Map thread in the community section of the AIE forums. This is a great way to meet other AIE’ers in real life and plan some get-togethers.

And speaking of get-togethers, don’t forget AIE has our own page at There you can see who’s having a gathering near you, or throw out your own invite and plan something with your AIE neighbors. Meetups coming up soon include a gathering at Buffalo Wild Wings in Daytona Beach, FL on Dec 15th, a group of Hobbit watchers meeting in Pasadena, CA on Dec 15th, and a Dinner and a Movie get-together in Cary, NC – also on Dec 15th and also going to watch The Hobbit.

Returning to Rift? Feeling overwhelmed? Well, the AIE Telara officers have you covered! Head on over to the forums to the official ‘welcome back – a guide to what has changed thread’ for information on how to adapt to the new expansion!

AIE members in space AIEU wants you to read your mail! Not happening? Fine. We will announce it here! Cotel (via Khariq) has announced a friday night cruiser run tomorrow at 8 CST. New players are not only welcome but encouraged to come join in the adventures and explosions. Yeah…there’s gonna be explosions.

And with that, let’s welcome our guests,  Abovan and Max…

State of the game: Free to play model launched, Section X launched, new dailies, new weeklies, new world boss, HK-51 companion droid quest line, Nightmare Explosive Conflict launched

Futures: Quick preview discussion of what’s coming in 1.6 (already on the test server) warm up your spaceship for the new hard mode space missions!

State of the guild: New, returning and new alt invites continuing on a regular basis. Shout out to the new members for December! Ops team success. Shout out to SUP for progression and Nightmare Mode Eternity Vault.

Free to play: We’ll break it down and go through some Q&A

Wrap up: Next Thursday, December 13th, we are having a guild event to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We’ll kick it off at 9 eastern with a hunt for the officers (which, rumor has it, will be worth your while) and move on at 10 eastern to a party and hangout on Nar Shadaa.

We would love to have involvement from the whole AIE community and get some of the swtor founders we’ve missed back to party with us for a bit!


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Abovan and Max for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to AIE The Secret World

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
Overly Dramatic News
Mod Minute
Alludra’s Pets
Ask Miss Mulgra

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