SWTOR is going F2P

Just a general shout-out to the community as a whole. For those of you who may not be aware, everyone’s favorite MMO in a galaxy far, far away is going free-to-play (F2P) today. Feel free to take this opportunity to come check out the game and hang with some of your AIE brethren. If you have never played the game before, you will have access to 2 character slots to experience the class story of your choice all the way to level 50. It would be a good way to gauge your interest in the game without a serious initial financial commitment.

For those of you that may be returning, check out your account. Bioware is introducing Cartel Coins as a way to purchase in game content or other assorted goodies. If you were previously subbed, you may have gained coins dependent on the edition you originally purchased, as well as for time previously played so long as you have an active account when F2P goes live. There are some pretty sweet novelty items in the Cartel Packs as well like speeders, pets, emotes, xp bonuses, glowy eyes, etc., so I would recommending re-subbing up for one month just to get access to these Cartel Coins. You can do so until Dec. 20th, 2012.

A reminder that AIE is dual-factioned in SWTOR, meaning you can play whatever faction your heart desires. Currently, the Imperial side is slightly more populated, but most of the guildies that are currently playing have toons on each side. There are no add-ons or mods, so we don’t have Green Wall, but there is an active custom channel we utilize for factioned based communication between the co-guilds. Make sure you do a /cjoin aie to access this channel. Also, Officers may be found by doing a /cjoin aielfo.

And finally, if you are currently guildless and are looking for a home, or recently found yourself with an unwanted name change, please make sure you fill out a new app at https://umami.aie-universal.net/

Here is the link to the F2P FAQ. http://www.swtor.com…helpcenter/6449 and a link to our AIE SWTOR FAQ. http://forum.myextra…mportant-links/

May the Force be with you.