Angry Pangolins: AIE Launches First Expedition into the Mechwarrior Online Open Beta

MechWarrior Online (MWO) has gone into open beta and, as someone who was in the closed beta, I can say without a doubt that I love this game!

For those who may not know, MWO is a free-to-play tactical BattleMech simulator that puts you in charge of the most powerful mechanical battle units that the Inner Sphere has ever seen. At its core you are in a huge, stompy mech that runs around and shoots other huge, stompy mechs; though there is something that sets this game apart from other shooters.

Light mechs are just as important as the assault class, light mechs go out and scout the enemy, report their location and provide targeting data for the rest of the team. Medium mechs move in and make the first skirmishes with marked targets as assault mechs provide covering fire from the back field and move  to engage their medium range weapons. Heavy class mechs move in to start dealing direct heavy damage to the enemy.  Every mech on the battlefield has a role to play and that is why I love this game.

That is one of the many reasons why AIE has started an expedition in MechWarrior Online. This is part of our G.E.R.P (Guild Expansion Readiness Program) . What an expedition actually means for AIE is that the game is widely available (e.g., open beta) and that anyone form the AIE community who wants to play it can. Members are encouraged to explore every facet of the game and  try as much as they can, the purpose is to evaluate the game to make sure that it can generate sustained interest in the community.  Above all else, we should also have fun while doing it!

An expedition is not like an official AIE domain, so there are no applications in UMAMI. We do ask that you have Ventrilo access, so you do need to be a member of at least one other AIE branch.

I would like to personally invite anyone and everyone who would like to come blow up big mechs while enjoying good company to please add me to your friends list in game (callsign: Tuku) or post your MechWarrior callsign in the MWO Expedition Thread on the Extralife Forums and we will get you blowing up robot tanks in no time!

To register for the open beta and find more information about MechWarrior Online you can go to their website

If you would like to learn more about Battletech, the game that MechWarrior Online was based on is a great wiki for that .