There are a couple different options for getting in contact with officers when in need of guild invites or other assistance in our World of Warcraft co-guilds.

Out of game, Discord is our community-wide communications platform. The #lfo channel in Discord is a great option to reach out to the officer team no matter the faction (or even the game). If looking for a character invite, be sure to specify the game, faction and character name and if an officer is available they'll check the name in UMAMI and check in with you for an invite.

In game, there is now a Blizzard Community available for each faction. These custom chat channels are visible to officers in the game at the time though they may not be populated 100% of the time. Click the links below to be added to the appropriate custom channel, and be sure to exit the channel when you are done so the officer team knows you are all set.

See you in game!