WoW Classic – AIE Craft Faire

AIE Guild Craft Faire WoW Classic 2019

DATE: Sunday, November 17th, 2019

TIME: 1pm – 4pm Eastern (Server Time)

LOCATION: Undercity in the Trade Quarter


What is a Craft Faire, and how does it work?


The AIE Guild Craft Faire is an event based on tradition.

We honor guild members like Milliway & Ralff that have passed away and celebrate the spirit of helping others and giving back to the community that they helped grow.

Step 1) We assemble amazing volunteers to be Captains & Co-Captains for each profession. The profession teams work together to plan out how they will organize and store the materials until the day of the Craft Faire. Each profession updates a spreadsheet to track their totals.

Step 2) Generous guildies donate various mats leading up the the Craft Faire to help make sure that each profession is stocked up. Some guildies like to give us mats they pick up while leveling. While other guildies might try to focus specifically on a certain item that a profession needs. Every donation is important because without them the Craft Faire wouldn’t exist so please donate!

Step 3) There will be a sign up sheet closer to the date of the event where guildies that need assistance with a profession can sign up in advance. Keep an eye out for that!

Step 4) On the day of the Craft Faire we all meet up in Undercity! There will be a map to help show where each profession will be grouping up. The profession team members will hand out materials to guildies and help them follow the leveling guide step by step.

Step 5) Guild members level up their profession skills which allows them to thrive in WoW Classic. This event helps build community relationships and make memories together.

You really have to experience the AIE Guild Craft Faire to believe it! 

What mats does the AIE Craft Faire need AND where do I mail them?

  • Where do I send ALCHEMY donations? {Alchemy Spreadsheet}
    • Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed – Shojo
    • Mageroyal, Stranglekelp, Liferoot, Kingsblood & Goldthorn – Meestermule
    • Wild Steelbloom, Khadgar’s Whisker, Arthas’ Tear & Sungrass – Fleamont
    • Blindweed, Golden Sansam & Mountain Silversage & Misc. Herbs – Fleamont




  • Where do I send ENCHANTING donations? {Enchanting Spreadsheet}
    • Please send any dusts, essences, shards, & Green or Blue items – Never



  • Where do I send LEATHERWORKING donations? {Leatherworking Spreadsheet}
    • Light Leather & Ruined Leather Scraps – Gwyllyn
    • Medium Leather & Medium Hide – Argusfilch
    • Heavy Leather & Heavy Hide – Argusfilch
    • Thick Leather & Rugged Leather – Kazbank


  • Where do I send MINING donations? {Mining Spreadsheet}
    • Copper – Copr
    • Tin & Silver – Tinner
    • Iron & Gold – Ironey
    • Mithril & Truesilver – Mithrilley
    • Thorium – Thoriumey


  • Where do I send TAILORING donations? {Tailoring Spreadsheet}
    • Linen Cloth – Maar or Ralff
    • Wool Cloth – Rabo
    • Silk Cloth – Citig
    • Mageweave Cloth – Morgans
    • Runecloth – Gss

Unsure of where to send stuff you want to donate? Mail it to our AIE Guild Banker alt: Ralff




  • How much does it cost to level a profession?
    • Leveling mats are FREE! The profession teams will give you materials that were donated by other guildies to level up your profession. **However you will need to make sure that you show up with some of your own funds to learn recipes from the profession trainers.** And please know that any green or blue items that are made with Craft Faire mats will be requested back so that the Enchanting team can use them to disenchant for extra mats during the event.
    • Mining will also be splitting up the bars they create from smelting and delivering them to both the Blacksmithing and Engineering teams during the event.


  • Who is invited to participate?
    • Any AIE guildies are invited to take part in the Craft Faire. And we are excited to be will be extending an invitation to our friends within the UFG community (United Orgrimmar, Warcast Hordecore, For Azeroth, The Starting Zone, etc) to join us as well! Just a reminder that we are hosting this event in WoW Classic on Pagle – Horde.


  • What levels will you be able to help with?
    • We want to help as many people as possible with whatever mats we have!
    • In WoW Retail our goal was to stock mats to level 20 people to max 1-600 but… it’s WoW Classic. So while we only need to worry about levels 1-300 there are a lot of obstacles!
      • STORAGE… No guild bank, limited bag space and items only stack to 5, 10, 20.
      • Everyone is still leveling and don’t have lots of time to help gather mats to help yet.
      • Personal character level might block you from leveling any higher.
      • Training recipes adds up! So personal finances might be an issue.


  • Why are some professions “missing” from the list?
    • Herbalism & Skinning are leveled out in the world but Mining can smelt ore into bars to gain levels. We will be hosting separate Fishing “raid” events to help stock mats for the cooking team. And because mats and storage space is limited, we will be using cloth donations for Tailoring at the Craft Faire but plan on hosting separate First Aid events in the future.



  • How can I help?
    • We still need Co-Captains for: Mining, Blacksmithing, & Enchanting! If you want to help one of those teams store & track mats and assist guildies at the Craft Faire, message Nevermore!
    • Gather and donate mats! Check the spreadsheets linked above and figure out what mats the profession teams need the most or talk to a certain team captain and ask the best way you can help them out. They might already having someone focus on one specific item and offer for you to focus on a different one so that everyone isn’t only donating one type of cloth etc.
    • Don’t have time to gather mats? Donate $ to Nevermore to contribute to the behind the scenes needs of the Craft Faire, like bags for CF alts, hard to find mats, reagents needed to get people to and from the event, etc… 


AIE Guild Craft Faire – Profession Team Members

Alchemy Team: Captain Adande and Co-Captains Cudzilla & Shojo

Blacksmithing Team: Captain Tetsemi

Cooking Team: Captain Hoots and Co-Captain Sema

Enchanting Team: Captain Nevermore

Engineering Team: Captain Ugnaught and Co-Captain Zede

Leatherworking Team: Captain Tynchall and Co-Captain Kazrik

Mining Team: Captain Brithael

Tailoring Team: Captain Elcarth and Co-Captain Kini

* *Transportation Team: We need volunteer Warlocks & Mages – Message Nevermore!* *


THANK YOU all for helping bring back the spirit of the AIE Guild Craft Faire to WoW Classic!